The Masters’ Heart

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Antoinette walked into The Hollow with her puppy, Christopher. Immediately, he took her coat, took his off and handed them to the coat check girl. Antoinette was dressed in a long leather dress, custom made for her generous curves to give her an hourglass figure. The dress was black with red flames licking up from hem to knees; the skirt was split on both sides to mid-thigh, where corset style lacing closed the dress to her armpits. Knee high red leather boots encased her calves with the four inch heels showcased her ass and made many people pant for her. The top of the dress was a halter that plunged into a deep V and displayed her cleavage. Snowy white skin looked cold and untouchable. Blonde hair flowed down her back from its place tucked behind her ears; emerald green eyes took in everything as she entered the main room of the fetish club she belonged to.

She paused and held out her left hand.

Christopher, for she very, very rarely called him anything else, immediately put his leash in her hand and went to all fours on the floor. She smiled down at him. “Good puppy,” she murmured. She took in his outfit, leather butt-less pants with carefully concealed kneepads, no shirt, the hood that gave him ears and a snout, mittens to give him paws and a tail attached to a butt plug.

Christopher, his voice muffled by the dog-shaped hood he wore, “If I may, Mistress, how about the Cross tonight?”

She nodded, pleased. “Let’s get a drink first.”

A few minutes later a waiter clad only in brief leather shorts and a harness that crisscrossed his chest followed Antoinette to a table. The waiter set her tall tequila sunrise on the table and a bowl with a bottle of MDG 64 poured into it on the floor. She thanked the boy and sat down. Christopher knelt on the floor beside her chair, “Mistress, may I remove the hood to drink?”

She smiled and petted him absentmindedly as she looked for friends. “Of course Christopher.” As he removed the hood, setting it on the table, and bent forward to lap the beer from the bowl, Antoinette’s eyes passed over two newcomers sitting together in a corner booth. Both were male. One had dark red hair and blue eyes, the other had black hair and really dark eyes. Antoinette tried to tell what color they were but couldn’t in the dim light in the bar area.

She stared a moment too long and both pairs of eyes swung to hers with a frightening intensity. Both sets of eyes raked her from head to toe and did the same for Christopher. Immediately they started talking to each other. Antoinette shivered as a premonition of danger washed over her. She looked away and nervously began stroking Christopher’s hair.

When she finished her drink and dragged a willing pet to the Cross. She strung him up and began using The Hollow’s toys on him. She flogged him until the stripes ran into each other. She faltered a couple of times as the two men passed near her. They were both very tall. They towered over her, even though the four inch heels made her close to six feet tall. They both had at least 6 inches on her. They were both broad shouldered with waists that tapered into narrow hips. The denim they both wore was covered by leather chaps that displayed their attributes to mouth-watering proportions.

Antoinette shivered as the dark one passed close enough to almost touch her. What should have been a good time ground to a halt for her as her focus narrowed in on those two men. Sooner than usual, she bundled her puppy up and wished her friends a good night.

That night, having caged Christopher, she went to her bed alone. She reached into her bedside table and pulled out her jackrabbit. After she turned it on Antoinette teased herself with it by running it over her outer labia again and again. She closed her eyes and tried out her usual fantasies as she pushed the thick dildo between her lips and put it to her clit. Her hips bucked as the orgasm built to a crescendo.

Suddenly two pairs of eyes appeared in her imagination, the owners following quickly.

Antoinette gasped as her eyes flew open and her hands jerked the toy away from her. “Nooo,” she moaned. Determined to ease her frustration, she turned to a wicked memory where Christopher mounts her like a dog to fuck her. Her pleasure quickly reached soaring heights.

Deep, sensuous voices sounded in her ears, “Oh yes, you like that, don’t you, slut?”

Too caught up to stop, she reached blindly for her drawer and pulled out a medium sized plug. She dipped it in her soaking pussy and shoved it into her ass with one hard thrust. She screamed with the pain/pleasure of it and did the same with the rabbit, shoving it into her cunt as hard as she could. The ears on the little rabbit buzzed against her clit and she almost came.

“No, not yet. Hold out, lil one,” a voice said.

“Yes, wait, like the good slut you could be,” another added.

She whimpered and pulled the dildo back out a little bit.

“Fuck your cunt hard,” the first voice said.

So she did, helpless to do anything but obey.

“Feel the orgasm escort bayan build in your belly, let it spiral out.” The second voice paused then added, “Yes, yes, like that.”

Antoinette was writhing on her bed, hips banging up and down, driving the plug deeper with each down thrust.

“Now!” Both voices whispered the word in her ear and Antoinette screamed as the most intense orgasm of her life crashed over her with an explosion of fireworks behind her eyes. Wave after wave of pleasure hit her as she kept fucking herself over and over, unable to stop. She passed out with the toys in her, the batteries on the jackrabbit winding down. Helpless little moans and whimpers escaped her lips as she tossed and turned through the night.

The following morning, Antoinette awoke and found herself tangled in the bed sheets. The jackrabbit had fallen from her sometime in the restless night but the plug was still deep in her ass. She felt embarrassed and well used. Her dreams had been full of those two men from the club. They’d been doing…things to her that she wouldn’t allow anyone to do, ever. She didn’t like not being in control. Somehow though, it had felt almost right. Her skin tingled as if she had indeed been flogged; her nipples ached as if they had been clamped then abused with slaps and teeth.

Antoinette went in the bathroom to shower and looked in the full length mirror. She was shocked to find her skin was flushed, her nipples looked bruised and her bare pussy was swollen. She almost cried when she caught herself smiling at what appeared to be evidence that she had, indeed, become the slave of those men from the club. She vetoed the shower and pulled on her running clothes. Before she left the house she stopped to let Christopher from his cage. “Clean my bedroom, I think the jackrabbit needs new batteries. I want breakfast when I get back.”

Christopher knelt and kissed her runner clad feet, “Yes Mistress.”


Two men were sharing breakfast, served by a nude girl, petite and almost as dark as the taller of the two men. The redhead looked at the other over his paper. “Well, Max, I think we made a great start on that girl.”

Maximus grinned, well pleased with the night’s efforts, “I quite agree Thomas. Let’s leave her alone for the week. Let her think it’s just because we were at The Hollow.”

Thomas laughed and reached out to the slave girl who had just poured his coffee. “I think, my pet, we will have someone new in a little while.” He patted her behind.

The girl just nodded and curtsied, as much of a curtsey being naked would allow, before almost running from the room.

Max watched her go and sighed, “Seems that one isn’t quite right either. Perhaps the blonde will be, hmm?”

“Indeed. She certainly seems strong enough. What was her name again?”



Antoinette was beginning to feel frazzled. It seemed that every time she turned around, those two men were there. At first it had just been at the club. Every time she saw them there she had had to masturbate when she got home and she always woke up the same way, feeling used and abused.

Then she started seeing them outside her store. She was a florist and owned her own shop and it was doing very well for she had flair and imagination. She was easy for customers to talk to and somehow she always knew just what she wanted.

One day, the redhead walked in. He was breathtaking. He obviously took care of his body, the jeans and tight tee he worse made sure people noticed. He was every bit of six feet, four inches and yes, his eyes were blue. He wandered around her store, looking at the small gifts, the coolers full of flowers and the live plants on display. He touched everything he looked at. He studied her awards and diplomas and nodded in satisfaction. As for herself, she had stood nervously chewing her inner lip; she wanted with every fiber of her being to please this man and for him to find her work pleasing.

It was not a thought process she was familiar with and she wasn’t sure she liked it so when he smiled, purchased a small teddy bear with a pink silk rose in its paws, and left with a nod she rushed to her small washroom.

Antoinette gave herself a stern look in the mirror. “You are the Dominant! Men want to please you, not the other way around! Make this man grovel at your feet. You can do it. You’re good at it, one of the best.” She took several deep breaths and went back to work, pleased with her pep talk to herself. The pleasure didn’t last long; a sardonic chuckle filled her head moments later.

Several weeks later, several weekends of being haunted by them at the club, of seeing them in her tiny plaza full of specialty shops, of masturbating furiously with their voices in her head, the dark haired man walked in. It was Thursday and she hoped – no feared – that she would see them again.

He went unerringly to the cooler with the roses. He studied them for several minutes then turned to look at her. He raised his left eyebrow and she almost bursa vip escort scurried to see what he needed. She passed a display of greeting cards that hid her for a moment and she stopped to take a deep breath and slow herself down. Closing the distance between them she opened her mouth to speak, “May…” she was dismayed that it came out in a squeak and cleared her throat, “May I help you Sir?” There, that was better. She tried a smile and was pleased to see that her mouth moved the way she wanted it to.

“Of course you may, lil one.”

At the last two words, Antoinette’s belly tightened, fluid rushed from her pussy and she had to fight to keep her knees locked. She opened her mouth twice before she could get the words out. “What would you like?”

“Sir,” Max prompted.

“Sir.” Her head bobbed in a nod with the word.

“I would like you,” he paused to take a breath and Antoinette’s mind rushed to fill in the words in her head -to suck my cock – and she gulped. “I would like you to tell me what your favorite rose is.”

She thought about it for a moment then pointed to a blood red rose with almost black petal edges, “That one, the Tradescant.”


Antoinette studied the flower and reached in to pull one from its container. She stroked the petals as she spoke, “It’s almost the color of blood. The petals are like velvet and the bud, before it begins to unfurl, is an ordinary red. You don’t know its potential until fully opens for you.”

Max smiled and reached to stroke the bloom, his fingers brushing over hers. Immediately, heat like summer lightening jolted through her hand and headed straight for her clit. She snatched her hand away with a gasp and dropped the rose. Max bent down to pick it up and handed it back. He whispered in her ear, “A lot like people, wouldn’t you say?” His breath caressed her ear and she nearly melted. After she managed to nod he straightened to his full height of six feet, six inches. She decided at that moment that his eyes were black. Impossible but there was no way to tell where the iris stopped and the pupil began.

“M-m-may I do you a service, Sir?”‘

A wicked smile curved his lips, “Oh yes, you may.” He gestured at the rose she was crushing between her fingers. “I would like two dozen of those. Deliver them to The Hollow on Saturday night.” He pulled a small envelope from his back pocket, “Give this to the bartender. I will write and sign the card.”

Antoinette’s hands shook as she wrote the order down. He didn’t flinch at the price, or the addition of the delivery fee for a Saturday deliver and late notice, deliveries required seventy-two hours notice, anything less was subject to a fee. He accepted it equably and forked over the small fortune without a wince. Antoinette was curious as to the recipient but she’s an ethical shop owner and she didn’t watch him write the card or look in the envelope. Saturday came and went in a flurry of customers. She closed a half an hour early and went home to dress.

Tonight she wore soft doeskin breeches that were covered to the knees by black leather riding boots. She wore a blood red silk blouse and a thing, unadorned black choker around her neck. Christopher entered the club wearing a long trench coat that brushed his ankles. He carried a small pack. They stopped at the coat check and Antoinette spoke with the girl. Christopher went through the small door in the room. Antoinette leaned against the wall, waiting.

A short while later the coat check girl led Christopher out by a set of reins attached to a bit in his mouth. The pony harness went from the bit, around his head and buckled up at the back.

Blinders were attached to the bit harness and prevented Christopher from seeing anywhere but directly in front of him. On his back was a small side saddle. A contraption of straps went around his hips, over his ass cheeks and covered his cock and balls. A butt plug with a horse’s tail was fitted into his ass. Antoinette smiled as the girl handed her the reins and a riding crop. “Thank you Amber.”

Amber bobbed her head, “You’re welcome Lady Antoinette.” She turned and disappeared back through the door.

Antoinette settled herself on the saddle, tightened the reins enough to pull his head up and rode Christopher into the bar area, getting him started with a whack on his backside with the riding crop.

She jerked Christopher to a halt just a few feet inside the door. The roses she had so painstakingly arranged in crystal vases stood on the bar. Standing between the bouquets was the tiny little bear the redhead had purchased a few weeks previously. A waiter rushed up to her, “Please Lady Antoinette, this is for you.”

The boy looked almost frightened as he shoved a small envelope into her hands. She stood to prevent falling over backwards as the waiter ran past her. Behind her Christopher stood up and backed away, the saddle looking silly on his back as he unbuckled it.

Confused, Antoinette opened the envelope and pulled out a small card. bursa elit escort She recognized it as one from her own shop and covered her mouth with her hand. She read the sprawling script,


You will join us for a drink. We are in one of the private rooms. The bartender will give you a key.

Maximus & Thomas

P.S. Bring one of your lovely roses with you.

The bartender motioned her over. In shock and numb, Antoinette obeyed the summons.

“Here,” the bartender said, “drink this, you’ll need it.” He handed her a shot glass full of clear liquid. Once again, Antoinette unthinkingly obeyed. The straight, unadorned tequila shocked her system into awareness and she blinked at the bartender.

“Steven, are they okay?”

The bartender nodded, “There are some strange things said about them but no one has ever been hurt, or ever really complained. They recently released a slave and got her a job here on the condition that she was not to be touched, not even for lessons, until she said she was ready.” He gestured to the far side of the bar where a tiny girl with dark hair pulled into a ponytail deftly avoided a grope and chided with a smile.

Antoinette nodded. “Do we know anything about them?”

“Just that they are roommates, share a large house and are fairly well off. They are very secretive about what they do with their slaves; the only thing anyone knows is that they share the girls and have not yet collared any one.”

Steven shook his head with an apology, “That’s all I can tell you Mistress.”

Antoinette smiled and stroked his cheek, “I have not been your Mistress in a long time Steven.”

He grinned with no small amount of affection, “Old habits are hard to break. Go now, please, you’ll be safe. You have only to holler and nearly every person in this place will come to your rescue. You are well loved here, by staff and customer alike.”

Antoinette nodded and started to walk towards the back of the club. Steven’s voice called her back and she sheepishly took the rose he’d pulled out for her as well as the key. She looked at the number on the fob and gasped. She looked from it to Steven and he nodded, “Yes, number four.”

“But that’s the toy room,” she whispered.

“Yes Ma’am. They brought in a few things of their own but were pretty satisfied overall. Go Ma’am, please, they are aware of your habits. And it’ll be my hide if you don’t show up. Don’t worry, we’ll look after Christopher.”

Numbly, Antoinette walked down the single flight of steps and walked slowly down the hall. The door to room number four was a deep blue and had an ordinary deadbolt and knob. She slipped the key in and turned. The door was wrenched open at the sound of the soft snick as the bolt slid back.

The man with the red hair, she still didn’t know which was which but she guessed that only someone so dark as the other one would have the name Maximus, reached out, grabbed a fist full of her blouse and yanked her over the threshold. He crushed her to him and planted his lips over hers, bruising her mouth. His lips, teeth and tongue assaulted her while his hands grabbed her ass and roughly pulled her up against him. The rose was crushed between them and it’s potent fragrance drifted up to tease their noses.

Antoinette didn’t know what to do and, frankly, thought had become impossible. Electricity raced from mouth to groin over and over again at blinding speeds. Then things changed. One second she’s just getting into the kiss, her body responding instinctually. As her hands start to come up to run through his short red hair she’s seized by the upper arm and spun around one hundred and eighty degrees. Another mouth came down over hers, this one even more punishing, more brutal. Her eyes snapped open and she stared into the black eyes of Maximus. His tongue swept through her mouth and her eyes drifted shut. He lifted her, wrapping her legs around his waist, before shoving her up against what she thought was a wall. Suddenly two pairs of hands are squeezing her breasts and unbuttoning her blouse. A soft, deep voice whispers in her ear, “You, my dear Anna, belong to us now.”

She wrenched her mouth from the intoxicating, fatal kisses and cried out, “No!”

Max nipped her chin, “Oh yes.”

She bucked between them, trying to escape.

Thomas wrapped a blindfold around her head as Max wrenched her arms behind her back. “Bind her, quickly,” Max urged.

Antoinette took a deep breath to scream.

“Do not! Things will be much better for you if you cooperate. You know you want our attentions.” A voice purred the words at her, the voice she recognized as being in her left ear as she masturbated. It was Max. Hands stroked her body as other hands tied a leather thong around her wrists, binding her hands behind her. She groaned.

“It was nice of you to wear a button up blouse for us this evening Anna-“

“My name is Antoinette! Lady Antoinette!”

A light slap made stars dance on the blindfold. It hadn’t been hard enough to hurt much but it had taken her by surprise. “Do not interrupt me again. Your name is what we say it is. We are your Masters.” This was Thomas, the voice in her right ear, night after night. “As I was saying, it was nice of you to wear a blouse with such easy access, but you see, we are going to cut it off you anyway.”

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