The Look

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As I raised my head I caught the look over the table, it was barely noticeable but I’d been taught the hard way to catch it and this time was no different. I caught my breath – he was going to take control here?! Right in the middle of a crowded restaurant and sitting at a big round table with three other couples! Although I tried not to let it show he caught the question in my eyes and as his eyebrows rose I quickly adjusted the stud in my left ear… a clear indication that I would obey. Would he let my hesitation slide? I would find out later. The other people at the table continued talking and eating not noticing the sudden flush I felt creeping over my face. They didn’t see my eyes lower to my plate or the fact that I was pushing the food around it since it’s hard to eat with your heart hammering inside you like a forbidden drum. How could they not at least notice my beating organ trying to jump out of my chest and into the air?? Of course I was panicking – he had just changed the rules in the blink of an eye and I had not as clue as to what he would do next!

Luck was not going to be on my side and I knew this as the three other women rose from the table making noises about using the bathroom; they looked at me and enquired as to joining them. The shake of his head in my direction again was only discernable to me and I forced a smile and politely declined. Well I’d be safe anyway, three more men sitting at the table. No! Never mind! Why are they getting up too? Does everyone suddenly have to use the bathroom? What’s in the water here?? Oh but no, the excuse is going to the bar to get more drinks and did my Master want another? I could have answered that, of course he bloody doesn’t! He’s going to stay here and do god knows what to me and you fools can’t see it!

The smirk on his face nearly made me faint as they left. As always his voice was quiet, modulated and even. “Under the table”

Hesitation at this point was not an option because I would not have put it past him to throw me over his knee and spank me for not moving fast enough so I simply let myself fold under the table and crawled over to him. He was certainly ready for me, his zip was open and his cock was standing firmly erect. A hand came under the table and grabbed a tight fistful of my hair directing my already open mouth over his cock and with one fluid movement I found myself filled with him. Instinct took over and I began to move my tongue easily up and down that warm inviting shaft. I forgot where I was and anything else that was going on around me, I became lost in sucking him as far back down my throat as I could take him and oh god it felt so good, he was hard and hot and pulsating and I slid one hand up stroking his inner thigh as I went until I reached his balls cupping them firmly and gently squeezing them in time to my mouths continuous up and down movement.

The routine was familiar yet always felt new and thrilling to me… move the mouth down curling my tongue down and sucking back strongly licking the head of his cock like an ice-cream. In my eagerness to swallow him whole I’d forgotten that people would be coming back to the table and I froze and I heard and saw returning footsteps as they seemed to come back at once. His hand tightened on my hair as a silent warning that I’d better not stop what I was doing and I increased my rhythm in order not to let out a whimper. I heard a voice ask as to my absence and nearly choked when I heard him say “Oh she’s under the table sucking me off”

I began to pray in earnest “oh dear god, please don’t let anyone realise he ain’t joking and decide to take a look” and repeated that like a mantra in my head.

Luck was with me! I heard laughter from above, the loudest of course being from my Master.

“Very bloody funny” escort bayan I thought and nibbled him firmly to let him know my thoughts. He of course laughed harder. He pushed himself further in and I relaxed into it letting my throat muscles open wider and pulling him in as far as I could get him, at this point I was eager for him to explode in my mouth. I could feel his balls getting tighter and tighter and at one point he must have taken a mouthful of wine and had to swallow it in a hurry before he choked. I let the wetness of my burning hot mouth surround him tightly and sucked him hard and heavy. The people at the table would have seen him lean back nonchalantly as if relaxing; I knew he was stretching further into me in preparation to coat the back of my throat with his cum. In the next ten seconds my face was pushed down on his cock as far as it would go and I felt his semen shoot strongly into my waiting mouth.

I swallowed hard and long in order to take as much of it as I could and then proceeded to lick up any spilt drops from my mouth and from his body. I bathed him with my tongue until he was as clean as when we had begun and then took the paper napkin he discreetly handed me and cleaned myself up. I sat there a moment gathering my breath and thoughts as all the while banal chatter went on above me. I had heard him say something about me having to go home to check on the sitter which I supposed would excuse my long absence. I was just wondering how the hell I was going to get from underneath the table when his foot moved firmly against my left side. For a moment and probably at my cost I was unsure of what he meant until he hooked his leg around me. Then I understood! I wasn’t getting out just yet instead he was ordering me silently to turn around and place myself on all fours. Oh god! If what I thought was going to happen why wasn’t he handing me a ball gag! Surely enough his booted foot moved smoothly between my legs parting them widely and I put my head down to the floor raising my hips. He slipped my panties down to my knees leaving me bare for his pleasure. Slowly I felt his boot move over my pussy lips which had been wet with longing for ages by now and I stifled a groan by stuffing my fist in my mouth.

Unbidden I began to move; easing myself against him and he stopped the movement of his foot. I understood that easily, the silent command of ordering me to bring myself off. Oh I could do it alright, I was already burning up but could I do it without alerting an entire restaurant to the almighty orgasm that I was certain would follow. I could feel the sticky sweet trailing I was leaving on his boot as I moved myself hard against it and it served to heighten the furious wave of heat crashing around inside me. My breathing quickened and I fought to keep quiet biting my lip so hard I thought it might bleed. I so wanted to cry out and I could feel myself vibrate with the need of it.

Faster and faster I moved against him sliding wetly and aware that even the noise of that could attract unwanted attention. I began to feel dizzy as my pussy scraped along his boot and I knew the edge was getting closer then he lifted his foot and pulled me up off the floor leaving me with only my hands to control movement and in that moment I lost control and wrapped my legs around his and shuddered and shook jamming my burning pussy as hard as I could into his boot cumming so hard I slid off him since his boot was so wet I couldn’t keep any grip on it.

My teeth were clenched hard and I held my breath to keep silent as what I really wanted to do was scream to the entire place that oh god I was cumming like hell! Another paper napkin floated to the floor as I lay on my back underneath the table cleaning myself silently and taking quiet deep breaths. His boot altıparmak escort waved at me and I applied my tongue obediently licking all of myself from it. He gave me five minutes to get myself together and then I heard him asking someone to pass my small bag over to him. Once in his possession he bade everyone good night and then to my shock and his delight he hauled me unceremoniously out from under the table and left the restaurant with me firmly in tow. I could feel the mouths open in shock as they realised what had been happening and the excited chatter reached my ears just as we left.

“Well” I thought, “please don’t ever let me meet those people in public again.” So, into the back of a cab since my Master doesn’t drink and drive – its what I love about him. He’s a man with a moral sense. All the way back he was kissing me and running his hands all over me – I so loved it. His mouth his warm and hard and demanding of mine. It made me instantly hot again and gave me the shivers. The shivers stopped abruptly as we got out and entered the house. Once in the living room he stopped up short and looked at me. The look in his eyes froze me to the spot.

“That was well done girl with one or two exceptions” And I knew what those exceptions were. “I questioned your direct order Master and I hesitated” Those words nearly choked me because I knew they were the rope I was hanging myself by. The word was quiet and cool.

“Strip” I nearly cried right there and then but my hand moved without being bidden and peeled off my blouse, my skirt and my bra and panties letting them slide silkily to the floor. He waved a hand at the big armchair and I placed myself sideways across it leaning over to brace my hands and arms on the arm furtherest from me. His large hand slapped me firmly across both cheeks and I felt myself tense as my head dropped and I whimpered softly.

He chuckled and spanked me harder. I felt my ass begin to catch fire and against my will I felt my feet begin to beat a tattoo against the floor and my hips slam against the arm of the chair. He stepped back as I let out an involuntary sob. I knew what was coming next!

Sure as sure the paddle slammed into my aching ass cheeks with a resounding crack!

I let out a shriek and kicked back with one leg and immediately suffered the paddle being applied to the tender thigh of the offending limb. “Oh god” I cried “that hurts Master” “No shit Sherlock” he replied.

The next stroke of the paddle made me draw breath and scream and I began to feel tears flow, how I hated that. Crying in front of anyone is something I try to avoid. I began to plead and beg for any form of mercy I could think of to try and convince him I’d had enough and was totally ignored. If anything the force of the strokes increased sending me into a blubbering wreck. My yelling rebounded around the room and hurt my ears and my screaming made the windows rattle, all to no avail. I sobbed to him that I couldn’t take anymore and cried some more when he laughed and didn’t stop.

Finally he set the paddle down and I cried some more with relief. My ass hurt so much I couldn’t think straight and all I wanted to do was crawl into a corner. That wasn’t to be allowed.

I felt his fingers touch my pussy.

“Hmm” he said thoughtfully “now why are you not wet there?”

“Because I’m being punished Master, not played with” I replied with certainty.


I heard a familiar tinkling sound and yelped as he attached the little weighted clamps to my clit and then moaned softly as the feeling of them took effect. He stroked my pussy until the wetness he desired was evident and I felt myself begin to twitch and squirm against his wandering hand. I sighed softly inviting mudanya escort his fingers to enter my throbbing cunt and to my pure delight they did but then I felt his rock hard cock slide between my ass cheeks and I moaned with both desire and trepidation.

“So my slave” he said softly “do you wish me to take your ass” I sobbed with need.

“Yes please Master, if it is your wish” “It is my wish my sweet and so therefore I shall” With those words he pushed hard into me and I gasped loudly at the forced intrusion.

I groaned and panted as he slid all the way in until I could feel his balls bouncing against my ass cheeks – my asshole stretched wide to accommodate him and he filled me totally. As he began to move his fingers darted in and out of my wet aching hole and I tossed my head back crying out for more, shoving myself back into him in order to get more.

He jerked me back and forth like a rag doll pulling out of my ass and ramming himself home into it again – he showed no mercy and I expected nor wanted any. Over and over he plunged into my ass until I was standing on my tip toes begging him for more and more and more. I begged for him to fuck me longer, harder and for him to cum in me. That’s all I wanted… for his hot cum to burn my ass and fill it until it could take no more. As everything began to turn dark I heard him growl close to my ear and I came hotly into his waiting hand as I felt him shoot deep into my asshole and he did indeed fill me to overflowing as I cried, sobbed and moaned my way to heaven.

Laughing he stood me up and I simply slid to the floor again lying at his feet.

“I’m sorry Master’ I whispered croakily “I don’t think I can move” He shrugged.

“Crawl then”

I considered that he was very hopeful if he thought even that was a possibility but then I was in no state to argue the toss with it so almost painfully I raised myself into a crawling position. “See now” he said with a maddening cheerfulness, “There you go!” I refrained from reply knowing that my ass would pay a hefty price and forced myself to move as he headed toward the bathroom. Each movement made my body groan in protest it and I could not help but vocalise it once or twice on what seemed a long and arduous journey down the hall.

“Shut up girl” he said happily.

I obeyed with not very good grace and nearly wept with relief as he turned the shower on. With alarming speed he scooped me up and placed me flat on my back under the water adjusting the shower head so the water flowed down my body but missed my face. I lay there soaking up the heat nearly in bliss when the soap hit my belly.

“Wash” he commanded.

I drifted into happy land as the soap lathered and I began to lazily move my soapy hand all over myself. As if he was in charge of my fingers they moved over and around my nipples hardening them under the repeated assault of the water. I sighed, rolling around in the sudsy mess and then began to wash between my legs. “Finger yourself”

I rubbed my thighs and let my soap sudded fingers slide inside my pussy arching my hips up to meet their entry. I was suddenly so conscious of him leaning lazily against the shower door. It was humiliating and enticing all at once to know he was watching my every move. Fingers deep inside myself I arched upward crying out and moving one hand to my clit stroking in circles. Plunging my fingers in and out of myself I begged him to me cum and did not receive any answer. It drove me crazy! My ass was slamming against the shower floor and my right hand was giving my clit some serious slapping. I heard my feet drumming in frustration against the wall and my head was tossing from side to side. “do it’

I tore myself practically into a sitting position and let loose jamming my fingers into my cunt and jerking hard against my hand. I lay back in the final throes and let the storm subside. He slid into the shower with me holding me close against him letting my love wash over him with the water, only the water goes down the drain. My love stays with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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