The Captain

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I’ve been playing rugby ever since I was a kid and now that I’ve just started University I’ve joined their team. I’ve been to a few of the sessions and am starting to get to know the guys on the team. The team captain is a big guy called Joseph, but a lot of people just call him Joe.

“Right guys lets finish there, hit the showers,” our coach said. He in his mid-30’s but has already started shaving his head, so he is bald by choice. Also, he is strongly built but not over-sized, he’s short, under 6foot and can easily run the pitch.

When we all got into the changing room, everyone started taking off their muddy shorts and tops. Everyone showers naked here, which a first surprised and excited me, since I am gay. I striped down and followed the rest of guys to the showers and turned my one on, the room got steam filled fast. I soaped up my body, bending over to scrub the soap off my legs. Some guys left quickly, some didn’t even shower, they just left.

Soon it’s just me and Joe in the showers. The actual changing room is down a corridor. I’ve got my back to the wall and am washing the last of the suds off my body. I hear footsteps splashing and assume it’s just Joe leaving to get dressed but then I feel a warm, wet hand on my shoulder, it was Joe pulling me around to face him.

“So I was speaking to some of the other guys in the team, and one of them said that you are gay.” Joe said this with a hint of suggestion in his voice.

“Yeah so what if I am?” I was starting to feel nervous about being so close to the captain. He is about an inch or so taller than me and a slightly bigger chest, he has no trouble with tackling me to the ground.

“Well I was just showering over there in the corner and couldn’t help but notice how nice your smooth ass looked. You haven’t got a boyfriend or anything have you?” as he spoke him moved closer to me. I backed away slightly till I was pressed against the wall.

“No, I haven’t at the moment, why does it matter to you?” I ask him, wondering want he wants from me.

“Was just making sure it was okay to do this,” he replied. Without any other warning or even a kiss, he drops to his knees and starts to suck my dick. I let out a shocked gasp before I start making more pleasured moans. It takes me very little time bursa eskort to get hard, and I had to keep my mind distracted so that it would stay soft when all the guys were in the showers. But now I had the captain sucking on my cock.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” I said in a long moan. It felt so good to have Joe’s lips sliding up and down my shaft. My hips buckled every time my head hit the back of his throat.

After what felt like forever Joe stood up and finally we kissed. It was lots of short, sloppy and passionate kisses. I could taste my salty pre-cum on his tongue. Joe then licked my neck, sucking on one spot until a red mark appeared. Once he was satisfied that he had left enough marks on me and flipped my body around so I was facing the wall, and then used his muscled arms to push me against it. And placed my palms on the wall and also had my chest against it. My heavy breaths moved my body forward and back. My breathing became even stronger as I felt he pressure of Joe’s tongue against my hole. It was light at first. Although my longer he licked my the harder he pressed against my entrance. Eventually he penetrated me with his thumb. I sharply took a breath orhangazi escort in. But as I got accustomed to having him inside me the instant pain gave way to pleasure. Joe started to move his thumb which forced moans from my mouth. I couldn’t help myself. Joe soon replaced his thumb for two of his middle fingers. My hole was stretching, being prepped for his huge dick which I didn’t have to wait long to have. Joe positioned himself behind me. I was still in the same position. Then with one quick thrust joe was balls deep in me. He stopped for a minute until I started moving my hips against him to show I was ready. Then we got into a rhythm. He continually pounded me. His hips clapping against my buttocks with every thrust. Soon there was no pain, just knee buckling pleasure. I moaned loudly every time Joe hit my prostate, but I didn’t moan as loud as him. He was continually making noise. I was surprised no one came to see what was happening.

Joes moans escalated and soon his whispered in my ear, “I’m gonna fucking cum.”

I pulled away from Joe and kneeled in front of his dick. I stuck out my tongue while he wanked over me. I was tugging myself off as well. We came at the same time, he shot all over my face and I shot onto the ground. Our moans climaxed and then the room was just filled with the sound of us panting. I stood up to my full height once more. Then I turned on the shower to clean of. Once I was finished I left without speaking to Joe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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