Teaching Ms. Goodhouse

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I entered the office and walked to the receptionist. “Mr. Sam to see Ms. Goodhouse.” The woman checked her book, nodded and told me to have a seat. The office was neat, efficient and quiet. I noticed that each time the door to Ms. Goodhouse’s office opened she was either on the phone or giving orders to one of the secretaries that went in and out like worker ants in a colony. They were the ants and she was the queen. After waiting about 10 minutes, I was escorted into her office. I looked around, not a pencil out of place. She nodded to the chair in front of her desk and told the secretary to bring me coffee. When the secretary had brought me a cup, she told her no interruptions for the next 15 minutes. I sat sipping my coffee. She looked at me and I got the distinct impression I was being examined like a piece of livestock. “Well Mr. Sam, that is what I call you isn’t it?”

“Just Sam is fine.”

“Well Sam. I contacted you because of your name and your profile. I don’t need a relationship and don’t want one. I enjoy spankings. Plain ordinary OTK, hand, brush, and/or belt spankings. I want what I want when I want it. I like them hard. From what you have told me during our e-mail exchanges, that is what you do.” I sipped my coffee. I refused to jump to her tune. “That’s correct”, was all I said in reply. She must have expected more but nodded her head when I gave no more information. “There is a catch”, she said. I lifted my eyebrow as I looked at her. “I enjoy role-play. You are the daddy I am the daughter. If there is going to be any sex after a spanking I will initiate it. That must be understood from the start. During the time we spend together, I will call you nothing but Daddy. You will never treat me in any way other than your daughter. Are these conditions satisfactory to you Sam?” I sipped my coffee as I looked at her. She must be very used to having all her employees jump whenever she farts. I wasn’t one of her employees. I sat my cup down on her desk. I ignored the look she gave me.

“Ms. Goodhouse. I do what I do very well. I understand your conditions and agree with them 100%. Now here are my conditions. From the time you walk into the room I am in, you are my daughter. Your age means nothing to me. Your position, wealth and/or status mean even less. I will give you the spanking you desire, the way you desire it. I will not mark or harm you but my spankings will be severe and once it starts, you are in it till it’s over. No amount of crying, whining or threats will stop me. Is that understood?” she looked at me with something like disbelief. I guess no one ever talked to her in such a manner in her own office. I had kept my voice low on purpose. This conversation was strictly confidential. I watched as she stared at me. I looked her straight in the eye. “Yes Sir”, she finally replied. “I will send you further instructions later. You will follow them to the letter. If you feel you can not do this, then it’s been very nice meeting you.” With that, I turned and left her office. I made sure to say good bye to the receptionist as I left. She was very pretty. I went back to my office and continued the day’s tedium task. At two o’clock, I got an e-mail message on my screen. All it said was “Daddy I really need to talk to you”. I waited a full 15 minutes before I picked up the phone. The number was private. It went directly to Lenora’s office. After two rings she picked it up. “Daddy?” she said in a childlike voice. “Lenora, I’m at work. How many times must I tell you not to call me at work?” she hesitated a few moments, then continued. “I know Daddy. But my teacher made me call you. She yelled at me for not doing my homework. She said I was suspended until you came up to school.” Her game had started much sooner than I had anticipated. I blew air from my lips as if I was disgusted. “Lenora I told you last time that if I got called one more time to come up to school you would regret it. Well young lady, this time you have really done it. I will show no mercy this time.” I listened as the line went quiet. She sounded like she was really crying in the background. “Daddy I did my homework. I just left it home. Don’t spank me. Please daddy.”

Lenora had given me the address of the apartment that she used when she slept in town. I went there at 7. The doorman announced me and she was at the door when I got off the elevator. No longer the arrogant, self-assured, businesswoman. Onwin She was the little girl that agonized, looking at the clock, waiting for her daddy to come home and give her a spanking. I went to the bar and poured myself a drink. Her eyes followed my every movement. I took a big gulp from my glass. Then I slammed it down on the bar. Lenora jumped and began to wring her hands together. “I told you young lady. I warned you what would happen if I had to leave work and go to school again.” She started to say something but I held up my hand. “Spare me the lies. Strip!” She began to cry. Real tears began to fall from her eyes. “Those tears will only make it worse for you. And I don’t intend to have to chase you either. Now get those clothes off.” I sat down in the only straight backed chair in the apartment. Lenora was still wringing her hands and backing away. I gave her a hard look. “Young lady. If I have to get up and come get you, I will rip those clothes off your back and give you a spanking like you never had. Now strip like I told you to.” She had her back against the wall now. With nowhere to run, she began to unbutton her blouse. I had yet to see her naked so I let my eyes take in her every move. She continued to cry as she removed her blouse. “The bra too Daddy?”

“Damnit! I said strip. What part of that don’t you understand?” her hands shook even more as she unsnapped her bra. Her tits were medium size. She had big dark round circles with twin pointy nipples in the center. She unbuttoned her skirt and it fell to the floor. Then she pushed her slip over her slim waist and down over her tiny ass. She stood in heels, stockings, garter belt and panties. “You may leave the garter and stockings on but take those panties off.”

“Daddy I’m too old for you to give me a naked spanking. I’m not a little girl anymore.”

“You should have thought of that before you forgot your homework.”

I got up and walked over to her. She tried to shrink back against the wall. I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to the chair. “Since you have taken so long to get undressed, I will give you one spanking with your panties on. Then I will take them off and give you another one even harder.”

“No daddy. Please Daddy”, she cried as I placed her over my knees. Her small ass looked so smooth and round encased in her panties that I was tempted to rub it. But she wanted no foreplay. No sex of any kind unless she wanted it. I raised my hand. SMACK. I smacked her ass so hard, even my hand stung. “No Daddy. Please Daddy!”

“I will teach you to do what is expected of you. SMACK. Lenora was kicking her feet. She was bouncing around so much I had to grab her and pull her back up on my knee. “When I tell you to strip, I mean now and I mean every piece of clothing. SMACK. Is that understood?” SMACK. “Yes Daddy. Oh please it hurts so bad.” SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. Lenora’s ass was warm. I could feel the heat even thru her panties. I would have given anything to rub it but that wasn’t part of the game. Her tears were genuine. I knew it was hurting but that was what she wanted. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. “This will be the very last time I ever get called up to your school young lady. SMACK. SMACK. You will do all of your homework. SMACK. SMACK. You will go to school everyday prepared to learn. SMACK. SMACK. You will stop being such a spoiled brat. SMACK. SMACK. Is that understood?”

“Yes Daddy! Oh Yes!”


I pulled her to her feet. She stood there, hands behind her back, rubbing her ass hard and fast. “Turn around. And put those hands by your side.” Lenora obeyed. Her hands dropped to her side as she turned her back to me. I grabbed her panties and pulled then down her legs. Her ass, even with its chocolate color was red. I had given her a spanking like she wanted. I could see small whelps rising where my hand had hit the same spot repeatedly. “Go get me my hairbrush.” She swung around. “No Daddy please not that. I’ll be good, I promise. Oh Daddy I’ll do anything just don’t use the hairbrush on me.” I almost called a halt to this game. She seemed terrified. But she was such an arrogant bitch when I was in her office. If I was only going to get one chance to spank her superior acting ass, I was going to make it a good one. “Lenora, had you done Onwin Giriş what I told you, when I told you to, this wouldn’t be necessary. But you always have to push things. You always want to see just how much you can get away with. Well there is only one boss in this house. Now go into the bathroom and bring me my hairbrush.” During our e-mail conversations, I had described to Lenora the type of hairbrush I enjoyed using. So I wasn’t surprised when she returned with the hairbrush behind her back. She walked to me still holding her hands behind her.

“Please Daddy. I promise I’ll be good. I’ll keep my room clean, I’ll stay off the phone, I’ll do whatever you want me to do. Just don’t spank me with the brush. Please Daddy. Plllleeeeaaaassssseeee!” she stood before me crying like a baby. I held out my hand. Lenora slowly took the brush from behind her back. She handed it to me. I smacked it against my hand. The loud smacking sound caused her to jump each time I did it. “If you had obeyed me when I told you to strip, you wouldn’t be getting this spanking.” Lenora stood there, tears running down her face. I had my own reason for wanting to use the brush on her behind. My hand stung from the hard spanking I had already given her. “There is a lesson to be learned here and you will learn it. Even if I have to beat it into you. When I tell you something, I do it for a specific reason. There is no argument, no compromise and no hesitation. Is that understood Lenora Goodhouse?”

“Yes Daddy. I promise I’ll do what you tell me from now on. Don’t spank me any more.” I knew that the spanking must have hurt a lot. I didn’t hold back as I spanked her. But she had not called my name. That was the safe word that had been set up. If during anytime, she called out ‘Sam’, the action stopped immediately. This spanking was more for effect than punishment. I knew her ass had taken much punishment so I was going to change tactics.

I pulled Lenora’s body over my knee again. Her small ass sticking up in the air the way it did, was so tempting. I had to exercise control not to give in and rub it. Her ass so smooth before my spanking, was now marred with small whelps. I poked at them with my finger. This caused Lenora to moan in pain. “Daddy please, I’m sorry. Don’t spank me again.”

“I’m sorry to honey. Sorry you haven’t learned to do as you’re told. I will not spank you as severe as I already have. But this spanking will enforce in you that Daddy will be obeyed.” With that, I hooked my leg over her left leg. Pulling my leg back, I effectively opened her legs wide. I swung the brush. SMACK. SMACK. This time it landed on her inner thigh. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. I didn’t have the heart to add more punishment to her already sore ass. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. I concentrated all my hits to the back and inner parts of both thighs. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. The smacks were designed to sting but didn’t do much damage. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. From the way Lenora screamed and hollered, you would have thought that I was killing her.

I decided to stop now. This wasn’t a long spanking but it had definitely been a harsh one. I led Lenora over to the bed and lay her face down. Then taking a jar of cream from my bag, I began to rub it over her thighs and buttocks. The cool cream touching her skin caused her to cry out in pain. I ignored her protest and spread the cream liberally over her skin. A doctor friend had given it to me. He had made it to sooth the pain his wife received from the spankings I was paid to give her. But that’s another tale in itself. Lenora’s sobs turned to tiny whimpers. She lay clutching the pillow. Seeing that there was no chance of sex this time, I covered her up and left the apartment. I was at home the following evening when the phone rang. “Sam?”

“Ms. Goodhouse, What a pleasant surprise. I hope nothings wrong.”

“No Sam. Nothings wrong. I just wanted to call and say thank you.” I chuckled. “The pleasure was all mine.”

“No Sam, you kept your word. You didn’t try to touch me in any way sexual. And you gave me exactly what I asked for. My god but you were intense. And please call me Lenora.”

“As long as we are not into our roles, you are Ms. Goodhouse.”

“What was that cream you used. I woke up expecting to feel like hell but instead, I was able to walk around with difficulty.” Onwin Güncel Giriş I laughed again. ‘Oh you mean “Spanker’s Cream”. A friend of mine makes it up for me. He sells it but only by special order and you must be recommended by someone he knows. I’ll get you a jar.” The line grew quiet for awhile.

“Daddy! I’m sorry. I’ll try to behave next time.” Lenora had dropped her voice back into that of a little girl. “I’m sorry to Baby. But Lenora you know that when you are bad, you will get a spanking don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy. Can I tell you something?”

“Baby you can tell Daddy anything, you know that.”

“And you won’t get mad?”

“Well I’ll try not to but I won’t promise.” She waited as if she was thinking. “Well. After you put the cream on to make the pain go away, I got this funny feeling in my cunnie.”

“What kind of feeling baby?” ‘I can’t describe it Daddy. All I know is that I had to rub it. And the more I rubbed it the better the feeling got. You know what?”

“What baby.”

“Wellll, I don’t know if I should tell you this.”

“Go ahead baby, tell Daddy.”

“Well, I wanted you to rub it for me. All I could think of was that it would have felt even better is you had rubbed it. If I get a spanking again, will you rub it for me?”

“Lenora, I hope that doesn’t mean that you will do something bad just to have me rub your cunnie. And you remember what happened that time I walked in your room and found you rubbing your cunnie.”

“I know Daddy, you spanked me hard. This time it was because of the spanking that I had to rub my cunnie. It even felt funny in my butt. I wouldn’t ask you to rub there though. Daddy, if I did get a spanking, would you rub my cunnie to make me feel better?”

From Lenora’s voice, I could tell she was getting excited. I decided to get her even more turned on. ‘Well Lenora, a spanking is punishment for doing something wrong. But after the spanking, since it does hurt so much, if rubbing your cunnie will make you feel better, I’ll rub your cunnie for you.”

“How will you rub it daddy? Please tell me.” She wanted me to get her off over the phone. OK I knew how to play that game. “You will be lying on your stomach crying. Your behind will still feel like it’s on fire. I’ll rub the cream on your legs and butt to take the sting away. As I rub the cream in, I’ll let my fingers touch your cunnie. You will be moaning from the pain but as the cream makes you feel better, your voice will change. When my fingers touch your cunnie, you will open your legs wider. I know that a spanking sometimes makes your cunnie very wet. I will start to spread that wetness around. I’ll let my fingers work it over your cunnie. Then I’ll turn you over to rub the other side. This time when I rub your cunnie, I’ll let one of my fingers slide inside.”


“If you tell me that it feels good, I’ll keep sliding my finger in and out.”

“Will you just use one finger Daddy?”

“No baby. The better you tell me you’re feeling, the more fingers I will slide into you.”

“Will it hurt Daddy?”

“Honey you just told Daddy that rubbing your cunnie made you feel better.” Lenora was breathing heavy now. I could hear her soft moans over the phone. I guessed she was on the other side, playing with her cunt. “Will you only use your finger Daddy?”

“What else would you like Daddy to use?”

“You know Daddy.”

“No baby. Tell Daddy what else you want him to use.”

From the sounds coming over the phone, Lenora was reaching her orgasm. Her voice grew husky. She kept moaning over and over, “Oh yea! Oh Yea!”

“What else do you want Daddy to use on your cunnie baby?” Lenora was cumming. Her moans told me she had reached her climax. But her words cinched it. “Your dick. I want you to put your dick in me Daddy. Fuck me! Oh Daddy please fuck me! Now Daddy! DDDDDDAAAAAAADDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYY!” I listened as she let her climax wash over her. Then just as abruptly she began to cry. “Lenora? Lenora, are you alright?” ‘Click’ she hung up the phone. I was tempted to call back but decided against it. I concentrated on the problem that I had in front of me. I closed my eyes, wrapped my hand around my already hard dick and pumped. Visions of Lenora, her ass up in the air as I spanked it again and again. Hearing her cries, her begging and pleading for me to stop. Then the sight of her lying before me as I rammed my dick in her, were the thoughts that brought me to my own release. I grabbed up some tissues and wiped myself clean. Then lay back and drifted off to sleep. I would hear from Lenora soon. And when I did, she would have been a very bad girl.

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