New Room Mate

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I was so over the hassle of moving to another city for college. The application process was tedious and by some miracle I managed to get into an extremely prestigious college. It took me days to pack up my belongings to move into my dorm and I was separated from everything I knew back home. I loafed around my dorm room, anxious to meet my roommates for the upcoming semester, both of whom I knew nothing about. I could only wonder whether or not they’d make my current living arrangements easier or harder. There certainly wasn’t space to spare in the dorm room. I prayed that they’d have the decency to keep the room tidy so I wouldn’t have to suffocate in a pig sty. In the midst of my contemplating, I heard a knock on the door. I sprang up to answer to the door. This what it, the person who could make or break my domestic college life was about to introduce themselves to me.

I opened the door and before me stood a brunette bombshell carrying loads of luggage. She introduced herself as Michelle, but I was at a loss for words. I was immediately captivated by her, so much that I stuttered when introducing myself, no doubt creating an awkward tension. I helped her unload her suitcases and we had a small chat. I asked her why we were assigned the same room, despite being of the opposite gender. She explained that the universities progressive ideals meant that they believed in their students having the maturity to share living arrangements with the opposite sex. I wasn’t complaining, living with a girl could lead to anything, and I mean anything if I played my cards right.

I didn’t make any advances towards her, but I was secretly hoping she would show signs of being interested in me. The months went by and we were both single, and I felt us slowly coming closer together. Some night we’d lounge in one of our beds together and stare at the ceiling while talking, but I could tell she felt no tension in the room as we were together.

One day she had to leave to print a paper at the library a few blocks down and I finally felt alone for the first time in months. I realized that I hadn’t masturbated Onwin for the longest time because of her constant presence. I pulled out my cock and started to jerk off, but I didn’t need porn of any type. Michelle floating in my thoughts was enough for me to get my rocks off. I lost track of time and heard the door creek open. I panicked and reached for my pants that I pulled down and assumed a position with my legs blocking her view of my crotch. My frenzied motions though made it clear what was going on, but she ignored the subject.

The days went by and for the first time in our friendship, she seemed to interact with me less. When we did pick up a conversation there was a noticeable distance between the two of us. I wished I hadn’t given into my urges and ruined our relationship, or so I thought I did.

The next night while I was researching a paper, she cuddled beside me on my bed. This moment felt unusually intimate, seeing as we hadn’t been exactly buddy buddy, this was a welcome change. She asked if I was busy, and before I could respond, she ran her finger across my chest. Something was stirring, and I could not be happier that something was. She felt her chest, groping her luscious breasts. I envied her hands that slid across her sensational tits, feeling every inch of her voluptuous bust. My mind was going blank at the idea of my hands inspecting her boobs, her firm nipples placed in my palms as I gently squeezed their surface. I noticed that my pants had a large bulge, I was so encompassed by her seductive motions I didn’t even have time to recognize that my cock was swelling.

Biting her lip, she lifted her red velvet shirt and exposed her big tits cradled in her hot pink laced bra. She reached for my hand and guided my fingers into her bra. I felt her stiff, perky nipples against the skin of my fingers. I lightly pinched the nipple to put sexual pressure on her. I looked down at her beside me and the sight of her big stunning cleavage along with her massive breasts made me more excited than words could describe. I couldn’t control myself. I tugged downward Onwin Giriş on her bra and gently placed her nipple in my mouth. I caressed her perfectly round and seductive nipple with my tongue, occasionally applying my tongue directly to the center of her breast to make her moan.

Knowing I helped myself to her figure, she did the same to me. She unzipped my pants and dug through my undergarment and revealed my erect cock. She stroked it sensually as I continued to envelop her areola with my mouth. She put both hands on my head pushed me away and asked if she could take control for a minute. I was delighted to listen to her request. She removed her pants and walked to the closet. Her ass shaking and bouncing with every step she took. Leaning over to fetch something from her bag, I was her tight, exposed asshole. I felt my cock throb with the urge to pound it but didn’t want to engage in anything to taboo yet.

She turned me around and laid me on my back as she climbed on top of me face down. I felt her breasts press against me and her legs nuzzle towards mine. I felt something soft reach around my head and was soon cast into darkness. I was blindfolded by a soft fabric. I heard her reach for something more, only to be immediately constricted by a harsh rope like material against my skin. My arms and legs were tied together and I felt a rush of blood. I felt excited, nothing could ruin my hard on. She kept on top of me and scattered kisses along my back with the occasional touch of her tongue. I felt her lean towards me and experienced a burning sensation as I sensed the warmth of her face next to my ear.

“Are you ready?” she whispered.

“Yes.” I responded without second thought.

She giggled and got up beside me. She viciously smacked my ass with both hands and groped with vigor. I jumped when I heard the loud smack, I was caught completely off guard by her confusing move. The sound of her footsteps reverberated in my chest, anxious to see what she had in store. My ears twisted at the sound of something rubbery being gripped, a strange sound to Onwin Güncel Giriş be hearing given my situation, but I was too nervous to ask what she was plotting.

She rested her knees beside my legs and scratched my back. Suddenly, I felt an unpleasant pressure against my lower region. In fact, it was an almost unbearable sensation, followed by a burst of sudden pain.

“Agh! What are you doing!?” I cried out in pain

The sensation only became more intense from that moment on. I felt her knees moving and her hands swaying as I she bestowed a throbbing pain upon me.

“Loosen that ass, bitch,” she moaned as she gave my ass another smack.

My asshole was being violated by something massive, I couldn’t think straight, her destructive thrusting rhythm wiped my mind. Her phallic member tore through my ass, it felt like a rough burning feeling seeping through my hips. I tried to struggle and escape her grasp, but my resistance only encouraged her to pound with more vigor and less mercy. My cock was completely stiff, I was deriving a pleasure from her abuse that I couldn’t begin to comprehend.

“I think I like it better when we play like this,” she moaned as I felt the intensity of her motion quicken.

“Please stop!” I cried out during her sway. “I didn’t consent to this! Get off of me! Please!” I couldn’t help but beg because of my mind’s vacant state. All I could comprehend was the serious pounding my ass was being subjected to.

She giggled and replied “this is what you deserve for jacking off in our room you little bitch, now take your punishment as it comes.”

She thrusted with such force I couldn’t help but release squeals as she forced her phallic member into my virgin ass. I felt her tire out however, but as she grew weary, she started driving her member deeper into my asshole with each movement. My cock bursted with cum and I was completely exhausted, I couldn’t handle anymore retribution.

My domina pulled her girth from my body and untied me. She blessed me with vision again and shoved my head into my pillow and shouted “If you ever think about doing something like that again, I won’t go as easy on you.” Without saying a word, we both showered and climbed into bed. My body was sprawled against my bed, trying to comprehend what unfolded. Maybe I should try masturbating more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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