Iron Rose Ch. 05

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Miguel Powers aka Wild Flower aka Iron Rose.

Hello guys and welcome to this hot chapter of “Iron Rose.” I would like to thank you for your love and patience guys. I really appreciate it and I love you too. Don’t forget to drop your comments, whether positive or negative.

Now, dive into a tale that has got us all hooked. The story of a myth, a man who has it all but in the end will have to choose between love and power. But can he fight for love and for justice at the same time? Find out as “Iron Rose” Continues.

Beauty is his weapon,

Power is his revenge.

Feel the passion…

Ps; didn’t edit the story that much so there may be few mistakes.


“Hello!” Yvette answered, wondering who was calling her.

“Hello…” Drake’s voice sounded as if he was in so much pain. “Aunt, it’s Drake, Carter’s friend.”

“Carter!” Yvette quickly got up, feeling her heart pound deep in her chest. “You don’t sound so good. What…”

“You need to save him.” He breathed harshly, scaring the hell out of Yvette. “You need to save him from… Gabino!”

Yvette’s hands began trembling as she looked at the people with her. Tears formed in her eyes and she looked at Miguel. When Miguel saw her face, he quickly rushed to her and stared at her sternly.


“Carter’s in trouble.”

“What?” Miguel quickly grabbed the phone from her. “Hello! This is La don, where are you?”

Drake gave directions to Miguel about where Gabino had taken them and also told him that Gabino had chased Carter with a gun. Hearing what Drake had just said, Miguel got the fear of his life. He couldn’t just sit. He knew he had to do something.

He told everyone that he was gonna handle everything that was happening although they insisted on calling the police. He didn’t want anyone to get involved. He called Mark and told him where to meet him and quickly left with Yvette who didn’t want anything bad to happen to her son.


“I am Miguel Powers’ brother.” Carter hollered, his hands up in the air

Gabino felt his heart begin pounding deep in his chest. Just hearing Miguel’s name was able to put the fear of the Lord in him. His hands began trembling as his fingers touched the trigger, debating whether to pull it or not. He felt like he was unable to breathe.

“That’s impossible!” Gabino yelled, taking a deep breath. “You’re just trying to confuse me because you know I will kill you if you don’t mention it. Miguel himself had sent you to prison.”

“But he didn’t kill me though.” Carter said, feeling himself get instantly hot. “That’s because I am his blood brother. There’s no way he’d have killed me.”

Gabino shook his head. Somehow, he didn’t wanna believe what Carter was telling him. It couldn’t be true. But then again…

“Maybe that’s why he told me not to touch you.” He said angrily, feeling even more scared.

He went back to the past and…

“Miguel was raped years ago and he’s got no family left.” He remembered Alejandro’s words, words he had spoken in anger. “He’s too busy to care about one brat that doesn’t even show any respect or care. If you do this then you’ll be helping him too. Kill him and don’t tell Miguel about it.”

What had he gotten himself into, he thought as he felt sweat going down his face? It was like someone had poured water on him suddenly. He was breathing harshly, feeling really scared. He was afraid of Miguel and what he was gonna do.

He looked at Carter and his anger just intensified. “He must not have known Miguel has a brother.” He gulped, feeling a huge lump in his throat. “Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent me to kill you.”

“He?” Carter gasped, his heart giving a sharp pound. So it wasn’t Miguel after all?

He started getting closer with his hands in the air. “Please, Gabino, I know that I have rejected your advances severally and you probably hate me for that.” He spoke calmly, getting even closer. “But this is not worth it. If you kill me, Miguel will kill you and your entire family.”

“N-no…no!” Gabino stuttered, feeling really scared as tears built in his eyes. “I cannot let you go. If I… I let you go, Don Miguel will find out what I did and will kill me because I have already killed your boyfriend.”

“Please!” carter started putting his hands down slowly. “Let me go and I will lie that I got robbed.” He dropped his hands, getting dangerously close to the man. “You’re not like this, Gabino. I know you. Please, put the gun down and…”

Before Carter could finish his sentence, he found himself on the ground with a wound on his forehead. Gabino had hit him really hard with the butt of the gun, hurting him. Blood was coming out and before he even realized what was going on, he felt a really terrible headache hit him so hard his vision blurred for a second. It was really painful. He could feel the blood running down his face as his head pulsed terribly. Tears formed as he started taking harsh, sharp breaths.

Before he could even say anything, he felt a terrible pain in his gut as Gabino kicked there. He suddenly felt like Avrupa Yakası Escort someone had cut his intestines. It hurt and he screamed in pain but was kicked in the gut once again, ending his screams. Tears were now running down his face as he looked at the guy. He wanted to plead with him to let him go but he couldn’t find his voice.

Gabino continued hitting Carter in the gut as hard as he could, enjoying the look of pain on his face. He kicked him harder than the last kick each time he did, groaning and yelling…

“Miguel won’t find out about this.” He roared as he kicked harder than before.

Carter got so scared that the sharp pound in his chest felt like his heart wanted to run away. He could have sworn that his insides were bleeding because he had never experienced such physical pain in his life before. It was like he could sense death coming near.

“Bitch!” Gabino roared as he knelt down and started punching Carter on the face.

Carter wanted to scream because the pain was just too much. The idiot kept on punching him really hard, making sure that wherever the punch landed, it left a terrible wound. His face was becoming bloody each second and the pain he felt on his face was like someone was cutting him with a really sharp blade.

“You know, you’re the worst one of all and you know why?” He gripped Carter’s neck, squeezing the life out of him. Carter was really weak and he couldn’t breathe. He slowly raised his bloody hand, putting it Gabino’s face. “You played with me and used me then fooled me with, Christian and Drake.”

He laughed as he got closer to Carter’s face. “Your brother never wanted you because you’re a cursed boy. No wonder even after getting raped, he didn’t want his brother to console him because he hates you. You’re a cursed man.”

He furiously punched Carter again as Carter cried out in pain. Gabino furiously lifted him up with his hand, looking at him like the most disgusting thing ever. The only thing on his mind then was the fact that the idiot had betrayed him and no one was gonna find out about what he had done.

“I told you before, bitch…” He laughed manically, enjoying the look on Carter’s face as he struggled to breathe. “…if you weren’t mine, you can never belong to anyone else. Do you understand?”

He lifted his fist and gave Carter the hardest punch ever and Carter took a step back but missed his step and went flying down the cliff, landing hard on his back.

“Fuck!” Gabino held his hands on his head, his eyes widening. “Fuck!”

Gabino felt like something heavy had just hit his chest, constricting him. He quickly went to the edge, looked down and saw Carter lying lifeless on the hard ground, bleeding terribly. Shit! He was dead. He was really dead. He was panting, feeling like he was breathing in poison… each heart beat felt like a needle was piercing him and the fear that took control of him at that time was nothing like he’d ever experienced before. It was really scary and he didn’t know what to do or what to think.

“Oh my fucking god…” He gasped, tears forming in his eyes. “…La don, will surely kill me. Shit! What have I done? Carter?” He called but Carter didn’t even make a single movement. “God, I am sorry. I… I didn’t mean to…” He pointed his shaky finger. “…I… I swear, I didn’t. Miguel…” He was acting like he was insane, feeling an earth quake occurring in his body. “What explanation will I give to Miguel if he finds out about this? I… I am really dead, I swear.” He cried, shouting at himself. “He’ll kill me for this. Sorry, carter.”

Whatever he did, he knew that he couldn’t let Miguel find out about it. He did what he thought was best at that time. He fled.


“There he is!” Yvette pointed towards the car.

Drake was seated on the ground, leaning against the tire of his car. He was really weak, holding the area he was shot at to prevent more bleeding but he needed medical attention real soon or he was gonna say bye to the world. His shirt was bloody and parts of his trouser.


“You need to find, Carter…” Drake managed a word, coughing terribly. “Please, Gabino has gone crazy and he might kill him.”

“An ambulance is on its way.” Miguel said to Drake, patting on his shoulder. “Hold on, okay?”

“Please, go…” Drake literally pleaded. “Find him. I will be fine.”

Miguel got up. “Mark, take the car and search for, Carter.” He ordered. “Yvette and I will walk on foot and try to find him as quickly as we can.”

“I am afraid I can’t do that.” Mark shook his head. “I can’t leave you all alone.”

“Mark, I am armed.” Miguel got his gun out. “Nothing will happen. Go!”

Mark nodded and went away while Yvette and Miguel started searching on foot, each praying in their hearts for Carter to be well. Neither of them wanted anything to happen to Carter. As they were walking, they heard some noise and immediately got alerted. They didn’t have to ask who was coming as they saw Gabino running and panting. The guy was looking behind with a gun in his hand.

Miguel quickly cocked his gun and pointed it forward at Gabino. “Drop it!” Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan He yelled.

Gabino quickly stopped in his tracks as his heart stopped beating for a second when he looked forward and just looked into Miguel’s eyes, and his face which gave him nightmares. He was dead. He was definitely. Fear took him by storm and he started trembling. He quickly threw his gun to the ground, raising his hands high up in the air.


“Where’s he?” Miguel asked, his voice sounding angry. “Where’s Carter?”

“I… I… I…” Gabino’s mouth shook uncontrollably. “I have no idea.” He lied.

Miguel gasped when he saw the blood on Gabino’s hands. “Why do you have blood on your hands? Whose blood is it?”

“It all happened when… when I was fighting with Drake.”

“Do you think I am joking?” Miguel rasped, getting closer to him. “I am not stupid so stark talking or I will put a hole in your head if you don’t tell me where Carter is. I swear and you know I don’t joke around.”

Gabino felt a really cold breeze hit his face. It was hot but he felt really cold. “Please, don’t shoot me.” He was only moments away from wetting his pants. “You shouldn’t kill me. Alejandro forced me…”

“I don’t give a fuck about your details.” He roared. “I can just make one call and wipe out your entire clan so speak.”

Gabino was truly scared. His face instantly became wet as sweat ran like a bucket of water had been poured on him. “I… I will take you there.”

Miguel gestured angrily with the gun. “Move, you imbecile!”


A few people at Christian’s neighborhood were at the police station waiting for Christian, their savior. His mother was also there and she was warning everyone not to tell Christian that Brandon was also there.

When Christian came there, he was really mad and had no idea what he was gonna do to Brandon when he set his eyes on him. Things were pretty bad and his eyes were red from anger. His heart was racing and his body was trembling. His mother was telling him to calm down but nothing was working. He had had it with Brandon.

“Mother, I am calm…” He said angrily, raising his hands like he was surrendering.

But God knows he wasn’t. He was in beast mood because he knew that what had happened was pretty bad. Brandon had drugged Lawrence, a drug that messed him up and left him unaware of what had been happening to him and then raped him. He had called his son and accused Lawrence of sleeping with him for money. When his son had found then, Brandon was just in a towel at a hotel and Lawrence was completely naked on the bed. There were about four used condoms on the floor.

According to Lawrence’s statement, Brandon had called him to talk about his relationship with his young son. Thinking it was good since he’d started dating his son, Lawrence had gone to the address, a rooftop party and had taken some drinks. He had started feeling dizzy and the next thing he remembered had been his boyfriend and his father arguing. That had been when he had realized he had been raped. But according to Brandon, they had hot sex and he paid the whore.

When Christian went to Darren’s office, he got really upset after learning that they had let Brandon go. The man had raped Lawrence and probably killed Marcus, his ex-boyfriend. Darren assured him that there was nothing they could do since Brandon went there to report that his car had been stolen.

Christian couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Brandon was probably just covering up for his crimes. It was pretty clear that he made Marcus disappear. He was so mad that he told Darren that he couldn’t continue believing in laws when men like Brandon did whatever they wanted and stepped on whoever they wanted. Miguel was right after all. Justice didn’t exist, laws were useless. He was gonna find Brandon himself and kill him.

He left the office and stormed out of the station. Just as soon as he left, he found Brandon outside waiting for a taxi. Man, it was on. He took it as an opportunity and ambushed the fucker from behind, overpowering him and pinning him against the wall. The he started beating him, kicking him and punching him everywhere. He was so mad that he just wanted to kill the idiot. But he also wanted to know to know what he had done to Marcus and where his car was.

When he didn’t get the answer he was looking for, he beat up Brandon pretty badly until he was bleeding from his mouth and his nose. Then he took a broken bottle from a trash can and placed it on his neck, ready to slice him dead. He was joking.

“Tell me what I wanna know.” Christian roared, applying pressure on the bottle. “Right now, damn it!”

Brandon was breathing heavily, really scared. “What do you want to know that I don’t know of?” He said harshly, almost screaming in pain. Christian had one of his arms pinned and it hurt like hell.

“You’re a damn rapist and a murderer.” Christian rasped, applying even more pressure. Brandon could feel the bottle starting to cut him. “Tell me what you did to the car, right now!”

Brandon didn’t wanna talk but when he felt that sharp thing begin to cut Escort Avrupa Yakası his skin, he knew he was screwed. Christian wasn’t playing with him.

“I… I destroyed it.” He groaned painfully.

Christian angrily got Brandon up, took Brandon’s gun and pointed at him.

“What are you doing?” Brandon couldn’t recognize his own voice. “If you try anything stupid, you’ll spend the rest of your life in jail.”

“I think I will be doing a huge favor for everyone on this planet.” He chuckled bitterly, cocking the gun. “And besides,” He smiled sinisterly. “There’s no witness around here. It’s just you and me. Now take me where the car is.” He gestured with his gun. “Right fucking now before I paint that wall with your blood.”

Brandon was in pain. “I am bleeding, Christian. I need to see a…”

“I don’t give a fuck if you bleed to death. Now move your fucking ass.”

Brandon shook his head and slowly started walking, his heart almost giving up. He knew if Christian got to that place where he had taken it to be destroyed, he was screwed. He needed to do something, anything to run away.

Fortunately as they were going, they met some policemen that immediately got their guns. With Brandon, a renowned lawyer and looking so bloody, Christian was looking like the culprit. He was told to drop his gun and he did. The policemen cuffed Christian and took him to the station. They didn’t even need any evidence and the guy was locked up. After all, Brandon was a really powerful man and with a fake statement, Christian was gonna rot there.


“Where is he?” Miguel yelled, his gun pointed at Gabino who looked like he was seeing the hounds of hell.

He slowly moved his shaky finger, pointing to the edge of the cliff. “There…”

Miguel quickly rushed to the edge of the cliff and his heart literally stopped beating at what he saw. Tears built in his eyes as sharp gasps escaped his lips, feeling a sharp vibration making him weak. He dropped his hand, his eyes widening. He didn’t know what to do or what to say at that point. Shit! He was really furious. He felt his anger building up fast.

“Oh my God,” Yvette cried at the top of her voice. “My son, you bastard!” She yelled. “What did you do?”

Miguel furiously pointed his gun at Gabino, breathing like a predator. “How dare you, Gabino?” He pushed Gabino hard and the man cried like a baby. “You’re gonna help us save him! Now move!”

Gabino didn’t need to be told twice. He started moving quickly followed by Miguel and a weeping Yvette. They came down the cliff and started rushing towards Carter. Miguel quickly gave the gun to Yvette, telling her to shoot Gabino if he tried anything.

Then Miguel began rushing to Carter with Gabino behind him. Reaching Carter’s lifeless body, Miguel had no idea when his tears started coming out or when he knelt down and held Carter in his arms. Then he started crying at the top of his voice, begging him to get up. He checked Carter and found a really weak pulse. He held him tightly and cried unlike he had ever cried before.

What Miguel was feeling was something that he couldn’t explain. Seeing Carter lying there almost dead, he got really scared, more than he had ever been in his life. As he was crying, Gabino saw a big stone beside him and started going for it but…

“Don’t even think about it!” Miguel warned, his voice sounding stern. “Even if you kill me, you won’t get out of this alive. I will make sure that you don’t get out of here alive.”

Gabino dropped to the ground and began crying just as Yvette and Mark arrived there.

“Carter, my brother…” Miguel sobbed as he ripped a part of his expensive shirt. He used it to tie around Carter’s hand which was bleeding dangerously. He knew that his brother needed medical attention. “…please, don’t do this to me. Please, get up! Your brother is here now.”

Mark knelt down, his hand resting on his boss’ shoulder. “Don…”

“Get Gabino out of here, now!” It was an order.

Mark nodded and got Gabino out of there. Yvette held her son and cried together with Miguel, begging him to fight.

“Call an ambulance!” Miguel’s voice was really weak. “Please, Yvette. I can’t be around here when the ambulance arrives or when Carter wakes up.” His face was really wet.

Yvette was surprised. “What are you saying, Miguel?” She couldn’t hide the surprise in her voice. “You should be around when Carter wakes up. You saved his life.”

“I don’t want him confirming that I am his brother.” He said, begging Yvette to make the call. “Please, make the call before it’s too late.”

Yvette nodded and started making the call.

Miguel cried softly, bringing his brother closer to his chest. His shirt was now bloody.

“You need to live.” He sobbed, kissing Carter’s head. “You need to live for me, Carter. I am sorry if I cannot tell you the truth right now. My life is too complicated and I cannot involve you in it. It’s too dangerous for you and Yvette. Even if you continue hating me, I will be happy knowing that you’re safe.” He kissed his forehead again. “I don’t want you to know that the man you hate the most in the world is your blood brother, your younger brother. I don’t want to break your heart like that.” He wept, not even bothering to wipe his tears. “Everything will be just fine.” He ran his fingers in Carter’s soft hair, crying even more. “You’ll be saved but I cannot be here. I have to go.”

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