Impulses Ch. 03

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Balls Lick

It’s been a month and Green eyes hasn’t been to the coffee shop! She’s dying for a new adventure. Reluctant and frustrated, Kim finishes her coffee and heads to the washroom before leaving the cafe.

All that’s on her mind is how wet she was and how badly she needed release.

Ladies were in and out of the three stall washroom when she got in there, but it slowed down. Kim quietly slides her hand into her top and teases a tensing nipple, making it harder. The teasing sent tingling sensations straight down to her already throbbing cunt.

She leaned back against the tank and started to play with her other nipple as her passion rose.

A hand drifts up to her face and caresses her neck, down past her erect nipple and across her tight stomache. Over her waist and down her thigh.

She’s lost to the sensations but trying not to moan aloud even though she’s pretty sure she’s alone in the washroom.

Kim’s wandering hand teases her hungry pussy by caressing all around but not on or in it.

Finally, she needs to be touched like she needs air to breathe. Her hand strokes over her mound, palm pushing down on it as she roughly rubs her hand downwards and pushes two fingers in to open her outer lips.

A quiet moan escapes her throat as mid and ring finger wetly rub circles around her glistening pearl.

Her bare legs stretch outward as her ministrations become more aggressive. She pushes her slick fingers into her sopping wet hole and she melts with the sweet sensation.

Quietly panting, Kim opens her eyes..

There, in the crack of the doorstall, a big blue eye looks back at her…

Kim freezes inside but only slows her masturbating… The blue eye doesn’t go away. It glances down to Kim’s pumping fingers sloppily fucking her pussy.

Kim gets a completely crazy idea and acts without bursa eskort thinking. She leans forward and unlocks the stall door..

Big blue eye expands to become two beautiful lust filled blue eyes in the face of a very pretty woman who enters and closes the stall door without hesitation.

Blue eyes kneels in front of Kim, leans forward and kisses her mouth. Kim tastes this strange woman’s tongue with her own. First time kissing another woman!

Blue eyes heads to her full breasts while Kim fucks herself. Another low moan as a strange tongue swirls around and around the first nipple, then around the other.

Another set of hands caressing and kneading Kim’s thighs.

Kim’s sloppy hand is being licked! Another hand pulls Kim’s away and a hot wet mouth replaces it!

“Ohhohh!” Kim couldn’t help it!

“Mmmmnn” the girl moans into Kim’s cunt as Kim helplessly humps this chick’s face.

“Ahhohh! Yes please don’t stop!” Kim gasps as Blue eyes shoves two expert fingers roughly deep inside her fuck hole and starts pumping in and out of Kim making wet sucking noises. Kim’s supporting herself on the seat and pushing her cunt at her strange female lover.

“Faster! Oh god harder please don’t stop!” Kim grunts with each forceful thrust into her hole and her new friend slams her fist up against her opening enough to make Kim Bounce her tits. Kim can’t keep quiet now. There’s no way. She’s too close to cumming into this beautiful bitch’s face!

“Ohh I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum hard on your fucking face!! Fuck me! Oh yess!!!”

Kim explodes and squirts into Blue eyes greedy mouth while Kim grabs her head and shoves her face into her grinding pussy. She vaguely hears the other girl’s moans as she gleefully sops all of Kim’s juices up. Rubbing her face all over those sweet puffy lips, Blue eyes görükle escort cums all over her own fingers and drips all over the floor..

Kim is still shuddering with the after effects of her fantastic orgasm as she watches Blue eyes lap her swollen pussy clean.

When she’s done, Blue eyes looks up at her and raises her own slimy fingers to Kim’s still panting mouth.

Mmm her new friend’s juices taste so tangy sweet.

Blue eyes stands and helps Kim up off her seat. Turning them both around, Blue eyes hikes her skirt up and pulls off her soaked panties.

“Now clean me up Hun.” She kisses Kim fully and they explore each other’s mouths. It’s all new to Kim, but she is thoroughly getting off on this as their hands caress each other.

Kim kneels before Blue who is now sitting with her legs widespread and her hands are opening her shiny wet pussy lips. Kim watches as the pink flesh quivers in anticipation of her mouth. The scent of her cum heady. A little sex fluid oozes out of the tight opening. Blue eyes places her hand on Kim’s head, drawing her nearer.

Kim tentatively licks at her outer lips and is encouraged by a squirm of hips and a soft sigh.

Curiosity and eagerness to please drive Kim now as her hands knead and caress Blue’s creamy thighs. Her tongue delves into the soft heat of Blue’s secret folds. Her hips slowly moving to their own rhythm.

Kim’s hands slide up to help pull gently at Blue’s puffy slick lips so she could get access to the deeper places that make her subject moan and push on the back of her head. Quietly pleading to go deeper.

They freeze as they hear the voices of two ladies walking into the washroom. Thankfully, the stall walls reach the floor. Kim loops up at Blue. She looks down. Smiling devilishly, pulls Kim’s head back into her hungry bursa escort bayan cunt. Kim happily resumes. Her own juices starting to drip again.

They’re chatting about having a family dinner at one of their houses as Kim starts to tongue fuck aggressively deep into Blue’s tight hole. The more she does it, the more Blue sighs and pumps her hips.

Lost in her lust to eat as much pussy as she can she rubs her face rapidly, pushing into Blue’s honeypot while her tongue darts in and out of her cunt. Changing it up, Kim pulls away to look at the swollen flesh that’s covered in her saliva and pussy spit. She brings up her hand and uses her first two fingers to rub up and down along Blue’s vaginal crease. Blue muffles a groan under the sound of the ladies gabbing and pissing.

Kim plays with Blue’s sensitive button while watching her beautiful face contort with passion. Watching her face still, Kim pushes her two fingers, palm up, roughly and deeply inside that sloppy wet hole. Watches the ecstasy on her face as Kim finger bangs her like she did to Kim. Wet squashing, sucking noises emanate from her crotch, almost loud enough to be heard outside the stall.

“Ohhh fuckk” Blue grunts Into her hand as Kim leans in to tease her clit while inexperienced fingers fumble around and find her G spot. She grabs Kim’s head with her two hands and pulls her harder into her grinding mound as she fucks her face and fingers. Outsides the ladies are leaving. They’re alone again.

“Oh god you’re going to make me cum!! Right there! Right there! Oh don’t stop please yess!!” Kim looks up at her and cums just watching Blue’s orgasm dance across her sweet face. ( and her own fingers..). Her face so deep in pussy meat that she can’t breathe but that’s just fine with her. This is the first time she’s eaten out another girl! And she seems to be good at it she thinks as she laps up the cum juices her new friend is squirting into her mouth. It tastes fantastic! Different from before the orgasm. Better because she made Blue cum! Satisfied all around, Kim licks her clean and comes up to kiss Blue in a slow, lingering kiss.

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