I Used to be Straight Pt. 01

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Pt. 01 – The Kiss

All characters and events are works of fiction.

Characters are 18 years old.


It all began on a winter’s evening at school. A long day’s work was over and I was sitting in my classroom, getting on with a huge workload. I had to get my work done at school and then walk home later, as the builders were in and had disconnected the wifi to work on the electrics. The corridor outside was dark, as it was approaching seven o’clock and almost everyone had gone home.

I was shocked by someone suddenly opening the door, but relaxed when I saw that it was just Felix, a kid in my year. He sat on the desk next to mine and peered over at my work.

“You guys are so far behind,” he laughed. “I did that a week ago.”

“It’s this fucking new teacher,” I spat, “she can’t teach to save her life.”

“You know… I could just give you the answers,” Felix said. “They can’t tell you copied since it’s multiple choice.”

I paused for a second. That was wrong, surely. But then I thought about getting back to my warm home and gave in.

“Alright,” I said, “gimme.”

He laughed and pulled back his book.

“You don’t think I’m just going to give you my work, right?” he said.

“Dude, I haven’t got any money or anything,” I said.

“Who said anything about money? You have something else,” he said.

“Come on then, what do you want?” I demanded.

“I want a kiss,” he said with a confident smile.

“W-what?” I stammered. The very thought of kissing another guy seemed alien to me.

“You can sift through the next five pages of Ancient Greek bullshit,” he smiled, “or you can give me one good kiss and go straight home.”

I thought about it for a minute. I had never even contemplated doing such a thing, but now that I was presented with such an easy way out, the idea didn’t seem too out there; how bad could it really be.

“Fuck it,” I said, stepping close to him and leaning in. With a victorious smile, Felix covered the remaining distance, attacking my mouth as his arms pulled me into an embrace.

For a few seconds I stood awkwardly, but the softness of his lips and the warmth of his body and the feeling of his hands on my body were incredible. Soon I was kissing him back and drawing him into me, my hands caressing his back and his slender torso.

Suddenly, he broke away from me. Confused, I asked what was going on.

“If you want more,” he said, “I think we should set up a study session at my house tomorrow at 5:00.”

The next day, sure enough, I was standing at his door, a disguise of books in my hands. As I stood, wondering whether or not to knock, the door suddenly opened and Felix was standing there, inviting me in. He wore skinny black jeans that exhibited his slender legs and sumptuous butt, and a tight white top that Taksim Escort fitted close to his hot body.

He turned and walked off, seductively swaying his ass to tempt me, then suddenly pounced up the stairs with cat-like agility, beckoning me from the landing. Meekly following, I walked up the stairs and into Felix’s bedroom, where he was waiting on the bed, lying in a seductive pose. I put my books down and then stood awkwardly in front of him.

“Come on then,” he said, “get your top off.”

I complied, and he was taken aback. I had been working out for a few months, and now looked quite buff, and a healthy diet had lead to some good muscular definition on my powerful arms and shoulders, and a deeply chiselled six-pack.

“Wow,” was all he managed to say. “I don’t think I can beat that.”

He too took off his T-shirt. He was quite skinny, giving him a beautifully toned torso with sculpted muscles and a deep v-cut that was like an arrow pointing to the bulge in his trousers. His caramel-coloured skin glowed in the light.

He got up from the bed and approached me. His breathing was heavy as he laid a hand on my side, his cold hand brushing the warm flesh. Drawing him in with an arm around his thin body, I softly kissed his lips, barely brushing them. He broke the kiss and moved to my neck, kissing my throat. My head lolled back and my eyes rolled into my skull as Felix nibbled on my throat, and my hand rubbed against his bulge through the fabric of his trousers. For a long time we kissed passionately and our hands explored each other’s crotches and soft asses.

“Wanna show me your cock?” Felix said as he drew away from me.

Eagerly, I yanked down my zip and discarded my trousers. There was a huge tent in my boxers, my erect cock bursting for freedom, and a stain of pre-cum was appearing in the fabric. Dropping to his knees, Felix started to massage the throbbing organ through my boxers, and ran his lips down the length of the bulge, barely touching it but teasing me with the warmth of his breath. Eventually though, he just yanked down my boxers and my cock, like a spring, leapt out at him as it was freed from its constraints, standing proudly to attention, rock hard and veiny.

A shiver of excitement pulsated through my entire body as Felix ran the tip of his pink tongue along the length of the soft underbelly of my cock. His eyes looked up at me mirthfully as he twirled his tongue in circles around the slit at the tip of my cock, which made me flinch with a sudden stabbing pleasure. Then, when the teasing was done, he slowly took the whole length of my dick into his mouth, moaning through his mouthful. Blissfully, I stood there, running my hand through his hair as he sucked my cock.

Not long after, I felt a kind of burning pleasure building up inside me, spreading from Taksim Escort Bayan my balls to the base of my cock, and beginning to surge up my penis. As this happened, I grabbed hold of Felix’s head and thrust in and out of his mouth with my hips, fucking his mouth until I spurted hot cum down his throat. As I came, I kind of clamped up, standing for a few seconds with my dripping cock in Felix’s throat. Finally I released him and he gasped for air whilst simultaneously trying to swallow every drop of my warm juice.

A brief moment to catch our breath and then we were on each other again, locked together as we made out and rolled around the bed. Then, as Felix was on top of me, he straddled me and started taking off his trousers. To my surprise, he was wearing not boxers, but a pair of frilly pink panties, through the soft fabric of which his erect cock poked. Taken aback by such an effeminating look, but also massively turned on by this show of sexy femininity, I grabbed Felix by the shaft of his cock and vigorously started rubbing it through his panties, which were soaked in pre-ejaculate.

Soon he sidled his way along my solid torso to present his groin to my face. I voraciously licked at his dick, tasting the pre-cum soaked into his feminine undergarments and enjoying the hardness of his organ. Soon I had had enough, and I rolled over so that I was on top of him. Pinning him down with one arm, I yanked off his panties and stuffed the wet fabric into his mouth so that he could taste his own juice. Then I went down on him hungrily, enjoying the salty sweatiness of his nutsack, taking each testicle into my mouth and massaging it with my agile tongue. I then moved down to the fleshy ridge that connects the ballsack to the anus, inhaling the dank air and licking at the soft flesh until I reached his puckered asshole.

Felix had washed up well, and the brown hole tasted delicious. Although the dry puckered texture was unusual, I kept lapping at it, taking in the scent and flavour of it, even burrowing into the tight space with my tongue. Moaning through his panty-gag, Felix arched his back as shockwaves of pleasure coursed through him, his asshole stimulated in ways previously unknown to him.

I patted Felix on the ass and said, “get on all fours and spread your cheeks so I can get to it a bit better.”

Eagerly he complied, pulling his ass cheeks apart to expose his delicious hole. Ravenously attacking again, I munched at the hole for a while. Soon, I got bored and decided it was time to fill up that nice, juicy hole. Cramming two fingers into Felix’s mouth, I finger-fucked his mouth to lube them up. Then, I started inserting them into his incredibly tight orifice, first one then the other, raising little yelps of surprise both times. Slowly but steadily, I fingered his ass, simultaneously sucking Escort Taksim on his hanging ballsack, pleasuring Felix in more ways that he could cope with. Soon, I could feel him embarking on the road to orgasm, and I was determined to make it a sensational one. In one fluid movement of my strong arms, I flipped him onto his back and enveloped his throbbing cock in my mouth as I furiously fingered his hole.

Screaming, Felix finally came, his body writhing and shuddering as he was rocked by an orgastic pleasure that coursed through his very veins. A jet of cum leapt into the air and splashed across my face, followed by two more with filled my mouth with creamy goodness.

Collapsing beside him, I held him as the aftershocks of a powerful orgasm shook him. I nibbled at his neck and he kissed me, exchanging the balled up panties into my mouth as well as licking his own sperm from my face.

“You want to put it in me?” Felix whispered into my ear, barely audible, his breath hot and humid against my skin. I squeezed his doughy ass cheek in affirmation.

“Then you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow,” he smirked.

“What??” I demanded.

“Well I can’t let you have it all at once, can I?” he said with a coy smile.

“You don’t get it, do you?” I growled. “If I want to get my cock into your ass right now, I’ll fucking do it.”

And with that, I mounted him, pinning his legs against his body to expose his asshole.

“Hey, get off!” Felix protested, squirming to no avail.

“Now you’ll learn not to play games,” I said, lubricating my shaft with saliva, lining up the little hole and going in raw.

It seemed impossible that my dick could possibly fit in there, but as I applied pressure, the head popped past his sphincter and my cock slowly sank into the warm tunnel of flesh. Pumping in and out, my hard phallus rubbed his soft insides. Felix’s cries of resistance were melting into moans of intense bliss as I filled him up, thrusting into him harder and faster until I was pounding his ass, rocking his whole body back and forth with each powerful blow, my pendulous ballsack slapping against his bare ass loudly.

Then, as I fucked him, I picked Felix’s small body up into my arms and held him, fucking him from below while he clung onto me with his nails embedded in my back.

Throwing him back on the bed, I attacked him in he doggy style, sticking it into his ass roughly and pounding him. For a long time I ploughed Felix until he was aching, then I fucked him some more, and as I fucked him I spanked his cute little ass over and over until it was rosy red. By the time I came, he was totally spent, his butthole agape. As I pulled out, his gaping anus spilled out the cum that I had pumped into him. Ladeling it into my hand, I spoon-fed it into Felix’s panting mouth, then I made him clean up my cock for me. I was quite sure that he enjoyed tasting my cock after it had been inside his own body, as he sucked voraciously until it was spotless.

We lay for a long time naked on the moist bed, our naked, cum-soaked bodies intertwined into a tangled heap of flesh.

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