I Hate My Master Ch. 12

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“Go into Slut Mode.” Chris said, like it was nothing.

“Fuck me, please fuck me now. I need big dicks in me. Pound me hard, screw me deep.” My consciousness receded and my mouth and body acted like a slut, just as ordered. My fingers had made it to my ass and I was shoving three in and out, forcing moans out.

They dropped their pants and each moved to one end, I was still begging for cocks “Yes, give it to me, fuck me at both ends, do an Eiffel Tower over me. I need cock so bad. I’m going to fall apart if I don’t get big dicks in me right now.” They had a good time, just as I said ‘now’ they both put their cocks in me. I couldn’t talk, but my groans and moans went on. I clenched my ass over the dick there, and I slobbered on the cock in my mouth.

Both were thick and long. I felt a lot of dick in me, moving back and forth. They didn’t seem to be in a hurry, just treating me like a fleshlight, but I was getting it at both ends. I don’t think they even made double-headed fleshlights. I was just an object for their dicks. Hard in me. Hard for me to bear. I had been through so much, and it was still going on. I was just some object, a place to put their dicks.

Finally they began to up the tempo. I was so desperate I was almost looking forward to getting their cum so it would stop. Then I thought that they would have something even worse for me. I was stuck. It didn’t matter if they came or not, I was screwed.

After Chris and Rob had finished fucking me, I had to clean their cocks off. I did so eagerly with the slut in me forcing sounds of pleasure. When Chris pushed me off his cock I said “No, please Master, more cock. I need more cock.” I pushed against his hand trying to get to his cock.

“Go there.” Chris indicated a spot on the floor. I obeyed.

“Please give me more cock. I need big hard dick in my holes. I need to get fucked long and hard. I need more cock. I need a lot of cock. I need cock, cock, cock.” I was almost whining.

“Stick fingers up your ass and down your mouth, show us how much you want more of our dicks.” Chris said.

“Ohhhhhh.” I did as ordered. I shoved my fingers up my ass and started pumping them in and out. I did the same thing with my other hand, putting four fingers in my mouth. My body ached for cock. I moved my hands quickly, trying to fill the gap made by not having dick in me. I recoiled in what part of my mind I had. I was groaning, demeaning myself in front of the two men who just laughed at me.

“Get those hips into it, boy.” Rob ordered.

“Uuuggghhhhh.” Was my reply, and I started bucking my hips.

“He is so much fun in slut mode. Just think of what is going through his mind.” Chris said, sounding Mecidiyeköy Escort amused.

“It must make him sick. What do you have going through his head?” Rob asked.

“He’s in there, just not in control. He can see and feel everything. He doesn’t have control over his body or words. He’s got an overwhelming desire to get cocks in him.” Chris made it sound like nothing, like he was saying I had just gotten a haircut or something. My misery was nothing to them.

I was entertaining them this way for a while, the need for dick growing more and more in me as I wasn’t getting any. I had never been put in slut mode and not been fucked. This made me fear slut mode more than ever. Not only did I act like a cheap whore, but the longer I didn’t have a dick in me, the more desperate for it I got. Chris would no doubt find some more ways to use this.

“It might be interesting if you had a mode that put that hunger in him, but still be able to verbalize his revulsion.” Rob commented.

“You can do that, just tell him to uncontrollably crave dick. That will do it.” Chris just tossed that out like it was nothing.

“I’ll have to try that.” Rob said just like he was saying he would try a new type of coffee. I shivered inwardly. I knew that would happen to me, having more of my faculties but craving dick so bad it was burning in me.

“Uh, uh, uh.” I increased the speed of my fingers pumping in and out, craving dick more than ever. I was going crazy needing a dick in me.

“Want another cup of coffee?” Chris asked his guest.

“Sure.” Rob replied.

“Slut mode off. Get us coffee.” Chris said to me.

“Yes, Master.” The desire for dick receded, and I took a deep breath. I crawled to the kitchen to follow orders, so glad my cock-hunger was gone.

When I got back, I noticed neither had put their pants back on. Their cocks were out. Not having any other orders, I got in my display position. They calmly chatted. I had fallen apart in my mind. Between pulling the weight, dancing and having to do a penis-puppet, I was shattered. I realized I was crying and shaking.

The men noticed and laughed at me. “Ahh, sucks to be you.” Chris said.

“You have to stop doing this to me, Master.” I said, actually sobbing now.

“No, I don’t. I get to do this all I want.” Chris said. “And you need to learn not to tell me what you think I can’t do. Beat off.”

“Yes, Master.” I started to pull on my dick. After a few minutes, I realized I couldn’t get hard. I was too humiliated and horrified.

Chris noticed, grinned at me. “Can’t get it up, slave?”

“No, Master.” I was still crying.

Chris leaned closer Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan to me. “I’ll show you what I can and can’t do. Get hard.”

I got hard. Chris gave a guffaw. He had so much control over my body. He could force anything he wanted out of me. I was still jerking my dick.

I kept beating my meat, Chris and Rob ignoring me. Chris said “Cum when Rob snaps his fingers.”

“Yes, Master.” I couldn’t believe I was doing this, it wasn’t even lunch time and my life was a mess. Rob snapped his fingers, and my cock started shooting. How did he get so much control over me? It should be impossible. I wanted out of this so bad, but I couldn’t think of any way to escape. I was trapped.

I had cum over the carpet. “Lick it up.” Chris said as an aside, as he talked to Rob.

“Yes, Master.” I bent down and licked up my cum. I hated the taste. When I finished, I went back into display.

“I’ve got the next one.” Rob said.

“Cool. Anything you want, bud.” Chris replied.

“Black him out.” Rob said.

“Blackout mode.” Chris said. I blacked out.

When I became conscious again, I glanced around to get my bearings. I was standing up, my hands were tied behind my back, and my ankles were tied as well. I couldn’t see either Rob or Chris. At least I wasn’t hard. What little things I took as a victory.

Rob and Chris came from behind me. Rob had something in his hands. “This will be fun. For us.” Rob bend down and attached something to my balls. He dropped it, and I felt a weight fall, jerking my sack down.

“Aw, fuck!” I screamed. “What the fuck is that?” I looked down. I had a chain clipped to my ballsack and there were weights attached to it.

“Ball weights dumbass. Now hop.” Rob gave me a swat to the ass.

I had to obey, and I made a hop. The weights on the chain swung and really pulled on my balls, the movement of the chain and weights really hurt, yanking on my tender balls. “Ewwwowww!” I yelled.

“Again.” Rob ordered. I obeyed and screamed again.

Chris had moved across the room. “Hop to me, bitch.”

I had to make a series of hops to get to him. I kept screaming while hopping, the weights swinging and pulling. I was in pain with every hop, both as I started up and as I landed. I finally made it to stand in front of Chris. “Now hop to Rob.” Was this never going to end? My poor balls hurt even worse than before.

“Yeah, come here boy, bounce.” Rob laughed. I turned around started hopping again. I had to obey, no matter how much it hurt. My poor balls were in so much pain. I made it to Rob, across the room from Chris. “Now back to Chris.” Rob just laughed in my face Escort Mecidiyeköy as he said it.

“Arrrgghh!” I started hopping back. Both were laughing their asses off. I was racked with pain, and wearing myself out. It was hard to hop. But I had no choice, I had to obey, no matter how much it hurt.

“Faster.” Chris ordered.

“Yes, Master.” I said between grunts of pain.

You know how you rack your balls and just stop moving because it hurts so much? Well, I was racking my balls and had to keep moving. The weight would bump up against my legs, which were getting unsteady.

I finally made it to Chris again. “Back.” He said, with an evil smile. I grunted in frustration, turning around and starting to hop back to Rob. I got a few hops in, my ball sack hurting like hell, when Chris tripped me. I fell to the floor as they laughed. Their laughter took a new tone as I struggled to get back up. I was still under orders to hop.

They let me struggle to rise for a bit before telling me I could just kneel there. I did, with clenched teeth. My sac hurt so bad. They chatted while I dealt with the pain. Finally they untied me and told me I could take the weights off my balls and make them lunch.

Taking the clip holding the weight off made me suck in my breath. I didn’t expect that to hurt as well. But it did. They laughed, and I crawled to the kitchen.

I knelt in attendance while they enjoyed lunch. Chris ordered me to get a boner, so my dick got hard.

After lunch, I was made to crawl to fetch cigars while they arranged themselves on the patio. Chris ordered me to stand up against one of the poles holding the overhang up and to put my hands over my head, grasping the pole.

“Get hard again slave.” Chris said.

“Yes, Master.” So far not so bad. I was displayed, but they had both fucked me. What did I have to be embarrassed about? Even hard, all of me was something they had seen and used.

“Now.” Chris began. “You can cry out, but no words except where we hit.” Chris handed something to Rob. “We’re going to use your balls for target practice.”

My eyes got big as I realized what they had. Little toy dart guns, the kind with the rubber suction cup. Chris aimed and fired.

“Argh. Balls, Master.” The dart had bounced off, but my abused balls took the hit. I squirmed, having to hold myself in position. I was under orders, so ropes weren’t necessary.

“Ouch. Tit, Master Rob.” Rob had gone for my chest.

“Ooof. Balls, Master.” Chris had hit my balls again.

They didn’t shoot at me quickly, they were having a conversation and just shooting me on occasion. When they ran out of ammunition, I was ordered to collect them so they could start over. I still had to be quiet.

I guess it was better they only shot occasionally. The alternative was them making a serious game out of it. I was left as a target while they had a long conversation, forced to silence, and trying to deal with my situation.

I hate my master.

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