ENM Intertwined – Jack Pt. 02

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As Zayne continued to lean against me, I chanced moving my arm around his neck. I squeezed him even closer to me practically inhaling his intoxicating scent.

“Good Lord! I’m not interrupting anything am I?” I didn’t even notice the lady coming up the stairs carrying a bag of what I assumed to be Zayne’s food delivery. I was so startled my body flinched away from Zayne. “Sorry for ruining your fun but I am here to drop this off to apartment 8C. You wouldn’t know were that is right?”

Zayne sighed as he reluctantly stood up to greet the delivery person. “That’s my apartment, I’ll show you the way.” The lady nodded not taking her eyes off me. I blushed wishing (not for the first time) that I had clothes on. Zayne took note of her ogling my near nakedness. “You are so not getting a tip…” he grumbled beneath his breath and quickly led her down the hall after granting me a brief goodbye.

As I watched him turn the corner, I began to miss his company already. When I faced the floor, I realized that he left his mugs behind! Without even thinking, I grabbed the two mugs and jumped to my feet.

“Zayne!” I cried out as I bolted down the hall hoping to catch him before he shut the door to his apartment. Thankfully, the food delivery girl was still standing at the threshold as I turned the corner. Her eyes turned into dinner plates as I came into view. “You left these behind.” I held out the mugs to Zayne whose face resembled the delivery lady’s. He put up the biggest smile I have ever seen as he accepted my return.

“Wow,” Zayne’s glittery eyes looked me up and down like I was some iconic hero. At least I assumed at the time that was the reason. “Thanks Jack-my-bee, Beşiktaş Escort this was really…” his eyes did another once over “cool of you.”

I waved my hands dismissively. “Oh it was really nothing. I just did what anybody would have done.”

“Bring in that food I’m so hungry I could eat a…” Cassidy and her girlfriends paused as they appeared from behind Zayne taking notice of me at the door.

“Good God! I didn’t know this was going to be a ‘special’ delivery!” one of the girls said.

“It was really nothing, I was just returning what’s yours.” It was an answer to her question but I was still staring at Zayne who couldn’t look away from me either.

“Your presentation was, and is most appreciated.” Another girl giggled.

I was so caught up in Zayne it took me a moment to register what she was saying. Then I remembered as I looked down at myself…Oh shit…

Somewhere along the line I totally forgot that the blanket that was covering my body was still trapped in the door down the hall. I now stood before them 100% naked! The girls burst into laughter as my face flushed red and my hands zoomed in front of my long swaying penis.

How could I have been so careless?!

“So nice of you to show us the whole package!” The girl with the pig tails whooped.

“I didn’t know we ordered sausages with this meal.”

“I know what I wanna eat!”

I turned to runaway.

“Hold up,” the jarring sound of Zayne’s voice stopped me mid-run “I meant what I said before Jack. You are free to come and join us. It would loads better than sitting alone outside.”

His friends seem to agree quite loudly. “Hell yes! Beşiktaş Escort Bayan Come on in here big boy!”

“Ooooooh the things I’m gonna do to you…”

“Now that we have our food, can I eat off of that?”

“So long as I get the first bite!”

As tempted as I was to come and see Zayne’s apartment, I had to get back to guarding Rorke’s package. Plus, I couldn’t go into a room full of women while I was in the nude. “Another time.” I squeeked still holding my genitals.

“I don’t have any plans after this,” The delivery woman winked at me taking in the sight of my bubble butt. “Perhaps I can keep you company.”

“Or you can go and find deliveries that you will actually be on time for.” Zayne glared at her. The delivery girl walked away without protest grazing her fingers across my butt as she passed me. Zayne puffed up his cheeks for a moment then pouted. “See you again Jack-my-bee.” he gave me a deferential wave goodbye and shut the door. As embarrassed as I was by that encounter I couldn’t help but think: damn, he looks cute even when he’s angry.

Another thought that crossed my mind as I padded back to my blanket was that silly little nickname he stuck me with, ‘Jack-my-bee’. I absolutely would protest such an absurd nickname if it came from anybody else, including my best friends and family members. So as I refastened my captive blanket around my waist, I decided right there and then that only Zayne would be allowed to call me that.

Why did such a thought make me smile?

“Jesus Christ man! What the hell happened to you?”

Both embarrassment and relief bombarded me as I faced this familiar voice. Escort Beşiktaş My roommate Rorke had finally returned.


When I finished explaining my lack of clothing to Rorke and he finished roaring with laughter he finally used his key to open up the door. “Oh Go! Hahaha! My ribs are killing me man! That could only happen to one of us! Am I right?”

I tucked the blanket tighter around my waist before carrying in the package as I walked into the apartment with my cheeks turning pink. “It’s not that funny Rorke.”

Rorke took a deep breath. “Yeah, anyway we are still setting up the party for our mystery guest back at your old place.” Rorke took the box from me. “I just have one more package arriving tomorrow. I will need you to bring it in.”

Oh brother.

“Don’t worry, you wont have to sign for this one, you just have to bring it in when it arrives tomorrow so it doesn’t get stolen.”

I sighed. “Fine.”

“Sorry man, you must have been so bored waiting for me to come back.”

“Actually no,” I perked up. “I talked with our neighbor the whole time. He was awesome!”

“Really? Didn’t you mind being naked the whole time?”

I blushed. “Oh…yes I totally minded…but he was very charming, and cool, and handsome, oh and very very cute, he is pretty smart, and so interesting, we spent so much time talking about…”

“Whoa, easy there tiger. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re in love with the guy.” Rorke laughed.

My heart skipped a beat. “Um, I wouldn’t…”

“Anyway brother, put some pants on already. No dude wants to see another dude’s naked ass.”

I walked back to my room, remembering how Zayne seemed to be pleased seeing my ‘naked ass’. As embarrassing as that moment was, I couldn’t get over how much I made him smile. I shook off the thought and shut the door to my room behind me right before I dropped the blanket to the floor that was concealing my erection.

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