Chloroformed Maid

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This story was also published elsewhere by me.



March, 1893.

Master Edward Doyle watched the hansom cab horses clip-clop past his house from the upstairs window, in the cobblestoned street below, people walked to and fro this cloudy afternoon. Oblivious to what he had in mind inside of his house! Edward turned away, shoes creaking a little on the hardwood floor even beneath the exotic carpet. Only one of the maids now remained inside, cleaning the upstairs bedroom next door. Master Edward smiled. He dug into his jacket pocket and withdrew the clear glass amber half pint bottle of Doyle’s Druggists Limited Brand Anesthetic Chloroform, Use Only In An Aired Room, the thin paper label proclaimed in red lettering. Edward had wrapped a pure silk purple handkerchief around the Chloroform bottle. This product was one of many produced by his own company and he was proficient in the use of the powerful soporific by now…The Chloroform bottle’s heavy liquid contents sloshed quietly with his walking momentum since a small empty bubble of space had been left within from the previous week. Master Edward smiled thinly, his moustached lips twitching slightly at what he had in mind. He replaced the bottle and handkerchief within his pocket. No one was aware of what was about to transpire, so no one would disturb them! He knew from experience by now to air a room before using the Chloroform, so Edward undid the latches with his black leather gloved hands, pulling up the wooden window frame. Instantly all the outside hustle and bustle of the maddening crowd could be heard, although his nose wrinkled at the smell left behind from the industrial factories on the town periphery.

Master Edward crept through the house, moving closer to the master bedroom where his young housemaid, Camilla was turning down the very large and soft as silk king size bed. He could hear Camilla’s exerted breathing and sounds of fresh bed linen being pulled and softened out. Camilla had opened the master bedroom windows and fresh outside air flowed down the hallway where he was. Edward stopped to stand in the shadows against a wall, his heart racing. Taking out the Chloroform bottle, he could hear Camilla fluffing a large pillow, “Ugh!” Camilla’s voice groaned. Edward held his breath then gently uncorked the Chloroform bottle with the folded thick silk handkerchief ready in his gloved hand…the pungent chemical fumes filling the air before he sufficiently dampened the pad. Taking great care only to soak the purple handkerchief until it was thoroughly wet in the centre and only dripping taksim escort a few freezing cold, sweet pungent drops onto the hardwood floor. He re-corked the bottle and pocketed it, being free to breathe again. Even though the Chloroform-soaked purple handkerchief was at arms length, the sickly sweet Chloroform odour was heavy in the air as he made his stealthy way towards the unsuspecting maid.

There he found the twenty-five-year-old girl, in her silken Maid’s Uniform, busily patting down the bed linens. Her brunette hair tightly wound, her firm neckline, breathing hard as she worked. Bending over the bed, ruffling her maid’s black skirt. The barest hint of her black cotton stockings on her supple ankles.

Camilla suddenly noticed Master Edward standing behind her.

“Oh, sorry sir. Won’t be a minute more, sir.”

“That’s quite alright, Camilla. Please continue.” Hiding the Chloroformed handkerchief behind his back.

A slight blush on her cheeks,” Very good, sir.” Camilla replied. She frowned slightly, sniffing at the odd dizzying chemical aroma suddenly within the room then tried resuming her task despite a creeping suspicion that something was amiss…

Camilla returned to her work, she bent over the bed slightly once again to smooth down the bed’s top sheet and Master Edward’s brow perspired. He wiped at the sweat with the hand with the Chloroformed handkerchief! His vision blurred for a moment and he stumbled towards the maid, Camilla. The floorboards creaking with complained perhaps alerted Camilla, before she caught a much stronger telltale chemical aroma filling the air.

Master Edward extended his gloved hands and grabbed at Camilla. “Oi! What are-” Camilla yelled before Edward thrust the Chloroform-soaked handkerchief over Camilla’s shocked nose and mouth.

“What’re ya doin’?!!…Mmmph?!!” Camilla screamed underneath the rag.


Camilla struggled against her attacker.

“Mmmmmph! No! Noooommph…Mm…”

Camilla’s suspended, stockinged feet dangled above the hardwood floor, her body convulsing with the effort to free herself.

“Mmm…” Camilla inhaled a large gulpfull of Chloroform and her beautiful eyes watered:skull:. Her facial muscles feeling dulled by the Chloroform vapour stinging her soft nostrils and throat slightly. Camilla could now hear a shrill ringing in her ears. Camilla tried her best to wrestle free, but the more she physically struggled, the more Chloroform she then inhaled! Camilla’s face began to tingle with a pins and needles sensation şişli escort and a creeping warmth moved up from her kicking legs to her tingling brow.

“Sssh, that’s it! Keep breathing, Camilla…Very good…”

“Mmph?” Camilla stared out at the room, which seemed to move, somehow! Camilla’s lungs convulsed and her heart started beating slower. Slower. Her arms felt heavier now difficult to move them.

What…ws…happening? Camilla thought, inhaling more of the Chloroform.

“Good…Keep breathing…”

Camilla heard the tinny ringing in her ears become louder with each Chloroform inhale…Unaware that her legs had ceased struggling. Feeling the Chloroform-soaked handkerchief now being lightly pressed onto her delicate nose and mouth, which were now momentary slightly reddened by the Chloroform chemical, although her skin would return to normal afterwards.

“Mm…mm…m…” Camilla felt her arms go limp to her sides.”Mm…” Seeing only the thin wet blurred outline of the purple handkerchief over her nose and mouth…

Camilla breathed in the now deliciously intoxicating Chloroform freely! I’m flying…I’m flying…Ohhh…Camilla thought, her soft mouth resting open and smiling ever so lightly.

Master Edward knew that Camilla was now almost completely unconscious and only a few more subtle breaths would render Camilla insensible. Perfect for what he had in mind!

“Can you still hear me, Camilla?”

Camilla’s eyelids fluttered, barely hearing full sentences of words:” Ca…y…he… me…Camilla?”

Feeling the Chloroform-tinged darkness in her blurred vision sending her away into a deep slumber.

A last, long delicate whimper underneath the Chloroform-soaked handkerchief: I’m an Angel, I’m an Angel, she smiled at her thoughts. “A…angel…mmm…m…mph…” Camilla emitted a final plaintive groan beneath the Chloroform-soaked handkerchief and was now unconscious…

Master Edward left the Chloroformed purple handkerchief on her face for another thirty seconds before he withdrew it, to ensure Camilla would be unconscious for at least one hour. Camilla snored softly, her whitened lips issuing forth her distressed breathing…Master Doyle stroked her lips and it caused Camilla to gasp deeply! Camilla’s lips closed on his right index finger, as he placed it between her soft lips. Camilla breathed nasally for a moment before her mouth unconsciously reopened and she took in more oxygen. The Chloroform would usually last around two hours, but it was dangerous to use and the Chloroformed subject’s came around şişli escort quicker – if their body’s were being “moved around”.

He gently cradled Camilla’s unconscious body, flopping over his right arm, leaving Camilla’s insensible upper body dangling down with her limp arms. Master Edward tried calming his own heartbeat as he laid Camilla’s drugged body on the bed, facing up. His eyes blinked as he took in the sight of Camilla’s unconscious body there…Left arm limp at her side, palm open, her right arm limp across her maid’s uniform, on her crotch area. The right palm open. Tied hair strands had come loose from a woven knot and laid over her sweat-and-Chloroform-dampened face. Her face whitened from the Chloroform anesthetic. Camilla’s chest rose and fell lightly with quiet but gurgling respiration.

“Beautiful.” Master Edward said.

Camilla’s mouth expelling tiny, tiny breaths of air. Sleeping troubled Chloroform dreams.

Master Edward closed the bedroom curtains. He turned on the bedroom’s gas lights and locked the door. He kept the Chloroform bottle and now drying handkerchief within reach on a table stand, for when Camilla started to regain consciousness. He undressed from his many heavy items of clothing then began unpopping the many fastenings on Camilla’s heavy maid uniform. Camilla’s unconscious, luminescent beautiful body was now fully naked beneath him. Master Edward very gently moved down…

Camilla woke up with a smile and headache from an ecstatic erotic dream she had dreamt to find Master Edward on top of her. Camilla Doyle smiled up at her husband: Edward Doyle! Gulping fresh air and still tasting traces of delicious Chloroform on her lips as she licked them. They often enjoyed playing their erotic game, where Camilla Doyle pretended to be a maid, dressed in a complete maid’s outfit. Sometimes it was Camilla, the maid who Chloroformed her husband Edward in the kitchen or in their living room!

“Hello my dear, did you sleep well?”

“You know I did not!” Mistress Camila Doyle laughed quietly, marvelling at how superlative her mood was now:). Camilla Doyle reached up to enfold her hands around the back of her husband’s neck to gently pull him to her waiting lips. Camilla Doyle hummed with delight, her bare toes curling.

“You slept longer, this time.”

“Mmhm…I had such strange…strange sweet dreams.” Camilla said and coughed, clearing her throat of leftover Chloroform traces before continuing. “The next time, it will be my turn to get my revenge on you. When you sleep tonight, I will Chloroform you, my dearest husband.”

Edward’s free hand brought over the corked Chloroform bottle, passing it in front of Camilla’s face. She bit her lower lip and her body writhed in excitement!

“Not Just yet, however!” Camilla, his Chloroform Bride, told him :horny:

The End.

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