A Day at the Beach

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Paul felt himself blushing as he pulled his t-shirt over his head. He felt as if everyone’s eyes were on him, even though he hadn’t pulled off his shorts yet. Sensing his hesitation, Audrey prodded him. “C’mon, Paulie. You want me to keep up my side of the deal, don’t you?”

He really, really did. It had been a fantasy of his ever since he first learned it was legal here, even if hardly anyone did it. That’s what would make it so sexy—that Audrey would be the only one doing it, surrounded by strangers and friends alike. Paul took a deep breath and pulled off his shorts. He quickly folded them into his bag, then stood up straight and gave Audrey a chance to take him in. Her friends giggled uncontrollably.

“You look hot,” she said, but he knew it was a lie. Pale, skinny, and slightly hairy, he was decidedly not the type of guy who could pull off a speedo on a public beach. The girls demanded he do a full turn, and Audrey’s roommate, Olivia, seized the opportunity to smack his ass. But as Audrey stepped towards him and presented her back, he knew the humiliation was worth it. Without needing to be asked he untied her pale blue bikini top, and then she slipped it off and Paul saw her topless for the first time. She raised her arms and gave a little shimmy, causing her small breasts to jiggle and provoking another round of laughs from her friends.

Paul’s eyes bugged out, and he grabbed at her to hold her still. “What?” she almost whispered in his ear. “You don’t want me to attract attention?” For the last month, ever since she had introduced herself in the hallway of their shared apartment building, Paul had found himself irresistibly hanging around Audrey and her friends, even though he was almost ten years older than most of them. That kind of teasing, which she gave him more and more, had a lot to do with it.

As they walked through the crowd of beachgoers, Paul felt grateful for the embarrassment that kept his penis limp and politely tucked in the speedo. He watched the eyes of everyone they passed and caught many of them following the group, whether they were ogling Audrey or gawking at him he couldn’t say. They found a spot to spread their towels far from anyone else and settled in, the other girls taking turns rubbing sunscreen on each other’s backs. Audrey showed off shamelessly as she applied the sunscreen to her breasts, pinching her nipples and biting her lip—more giggles. Then she rubbed the lotion into Paul’s back and all the way down his legs with exaggerated care and attention. It was a sort of game to her—mocking his desire and his ugliness for her friends—but all the same he was glad to be lying face down.

Twenty minutes later he was still face down. Beside him, Audrey would occasionally brush a hand across her breasts or look over at him and lick her lips. When he turned his head away from her, she casually placed one hand squarely on his ass and made a little sound of satisfaction. “Why don’t you flip over, Paulie?” she purred. “Are you stuck?”

When he didn’t answer, she brought her mouth close to his ear. “Flip over, Paul,” she whispered, “and I’ll help you out.”

Paul felt his erection painfully bent downward in the speedo. Everything was still covered, he guessed, but it would be obvious to everyone passing by. But Audrey was insisting—he couldn’t say no. He rolled over, and Audrey cuddled up to him with her head on his chest. She reached down and pulled his penis up so that it was flat against his stomach, the head sticking out from the waistband of the speedo, then she raised her leg to cover it with her thigh.

“Play bursa escort kız with my tits,” she whispered. With her laying against him he could only reach her right breast, but Paul did as he was told, caressing and squeezing as inconspicuously as he could. She began to grind subtly against his hip, her pussy giving off a definite warmth. The soft flesh of her thigh moved against his cock, and he could tell his precum was soaking her leg.

“Ohmigod,” said Olivia, peering from over Audrey’s shoulder.

“What?” asked Becca, the next girl down the line.

“Paul and Audrey are practically fucking over here.”

All the girls sat up to try to get a look. “Don’t stop,” Audrey whispered, as she pulled his hand downward toward her crotch. He slipped his hand beneath her bikini bottoms, where he found her so wet and open that he slipped two fingers inside her almost without meaning to. For a moment he felt her body tremble against his; then, deftly tucking his erection back into his speedo, she rolled away from him and laid on her stomach.

“Gross, Paul, you’re such a pervert,” she said.

“Ugh, perv,” seconded Becca.

“Ohmigod, look at his erection,” squealed Olivia. Paul’s penis was harder than ever, the outline of its head clearly visible where it pushed out the fabric of his swimsuit. Some of the hair on his stomach was matted down with precum. He started to roll back over, but Audrey stopped him with a shake of her head. As the other girls went back to their sunbathing, he lay helplessly trying to slow his breathing, concentrate on anything else, anything that might let his arousal subside.

Just when he thought he could feel his penis relaxing, he heard a tiny noise from Audrey. He looked over to see that she had snuck one hand down between her legs—she was quietly but bursa anal yapan escort obviously masturbating. Paul couldn’t take any more. He jumped up and, tucking his penis to one side as discreetly as he could, charged back toward the entrance to the beach, where there were enclosed showers. Maybe he could masturbate in one of them; he certainly couldn’t lie still and listen to Audrey come.

When Paul got to the showers, he found that they were closed only with a flimsy curtain that reached to just below his knees. It would have to do, he thought, as he turned on the water and pulled off his swimsuit. Aroused as he was, the lack of privacy made it difficult for him to come, and he began to worry that he had been in the shower suspiciously long—but by that point there was no turning back. He tried to think of Audrey coming on the beach at the same time, of the brief moment when her hand touched his penis. Finally he felt he was close, when suddenly the curtain was yanked open. He turned, hand still on his cock, to see Audrey glaring at him, Olivia and the others behind her.

“Naughty boy!” she barked. “Get those panties back on and come rejoin the party.”

He hesitated for a moment, almost reached for the speedo, but then instead he pulled Audrey into the shower with him and closed the curtain again. He pushed her up against the wall and, fixing his eyes with hers, started to masturbate again. For a moment she seemed stunned, but then her face softened and she went down to her knees, not touching him but offering her slyly smiling face for him to come on. He did, copiously, ropes of cum landing across her face and falling to her breasts, dotting the edge of her hair.

She stood and, at her command, he licked the cum from her face and chest before the water could wash it away, lingering over her mouth and her hardened nipples. When she was finally clean, she pushed him back against the wall and grabbed his swimsuit from the floor. She pulled the curtain back and charged away, growling back at him, “Don’t you ever shove me again, fucking pervert.” At the sight of his dripping, flagging penis, the other girls squealed.

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