A Best Man’s Duties Pt. 02

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This second part focuses on the bachelor party and a comparison of the old porno films and the new ones. It is also about the generational differences and what was considered sexy through recent history. And of course, what is a good bachelor party without a little teasing of the groom? It is a bit twisted.

I liked to rile up Steve. He got mad easily but he always calmed down shortly after. He got me back a couple of times after that with practical jokes. I decided not to push my luck.

“What’s the matter Rick, loosing your touch?” he kidded me.

He must have decided to forgive me because the only thing he said to me later about the strip poker game was “What is done is done. I can’t change anything now. Lori doesn’t remember anything so I am good with it. No more getting her drunk and definitely no more strip poker!”

Yes, that rug brings back memories.

The Bachelor Party

The day of the bachelor party was here and I was having it at my place. I had the bar fully stocked and plenty of snacks. I was ordering pizza and then we were getting on with the games and porn. I insisted on paying for the whole thing. It was the least I could do for a great couple.

Steve and I were waiting at the door when the people starting arriving around 7:00 P.M. It was great to meet Lori’s brothers Mark and Brian and her father Len. I had met Steve’s brother Joe and his father Kevin before. Steve’s uncle arrived and introduced himself.

“Call me uncle Harry.” he said. “Everybody else does.”

Roger and Stephen, two old friends of Steve, I had met many times before in the bar.

I fixed pre-dinner drinks for all the guests until the pizzas arrived. We ate well and had wine with the meal.

We started with the games. We had pin the boobie on the cardboard cutout, condom toss where we blew up condoms and tried to get then in the cardboard girls cutout cunt, but the most fun was the inflatable doll blowup. Steve seemed to be having fun walking around with his inflatable ball and chain around his leg. Copious amounts of alcohol were being consumed.

I hooked up the blu ray player and my computer to my 55 inch LCD TV.

“I went to the adult film store and got us a DVD and a Blu Ray Disc.” I explained the evolution of porn films, from the old peep shows where you stuck in a nickel to 8mm films, videotapes, DVDs, Blu ray and interactive digital.

“I remember that my dad had an old 8mm black and white silent film called The three bares. Those were the first boobies I ever saw. The National Geographics were also good for seeing African women’s tits!” piped up Uncle Harry. We all laughed. What a guy!

“When I was growing up I worked cleaning up in a barbershop and read all the Playboys after hours. I saw lots of tits but for years I wondered what a cunt looked like!” Lori’s dad said.

“My first glance at tits was when I saw a woman lose her top in a swimming pool diving in. Too bad we didn’t have cell phone cameras then!” Steve’s dad said. “I was in heaven! Nowadays the mystery is gone for kids. “

I was amazed at how the crowd mentality and booze could loosen things up.

“Yeah, all you have to do now is go on the internet and see all the cunts and tits you could ever want.” Lori’s brother Mark added.

“Well, not all the tits and cunts!” I laughed while looking at Steve.

“How about you Steve, how old were you when you lost your virginity?” I kidded him. He turned red and didn’t say anything with his father right there.

“Back in the 1920s you could buy nude photographs. Later, magazines like Playboy and Penthouse came out and other more graphic ones like Hustler. When Playboy first came out, the style was for heavier models like Marilyn Munroe and Jane Mansfield. These days people seem to think skinny is sexy. Now you can’t compete with the internet. Even Playboy has given up publishing nude pictures.” I explained.

“Well, on with the show. This first DVD is quite an old one. This is called the Plumber.”

This one started off fast. It had relatively low resolution and a lame plot. A plumber and his assistant started almost right away banging away on this housewife using every thinkable position.

“A kiss boy, a kiss. Don’t start with a mad rush to the Clitorus!” Lori’s dad said, doing a poor John Cleese impression. We all laughed.

“Look at the size of that guy’s cock! That can’t be real!” added Joe.

“Oh, I don’t know. Some guy named Jonah Falcon was in a documentary. He had a cock 13.5 inches long. A guy called Cabrera pulled out his cock. It measured out at 18.9 inches. He weighed it and it weighed two pounds. He even has an xray of it to prove it is real!” I said.

“Stop shitting bursa escort us Rick!” someone said.

Those guys in the video kept pounding and pounding away at that poor skinny housewife. The guys were cheering him on with a lot of crude remarks.

Finally the video ended.

“Now I want to show you a Blu-ray and interactive digital copy that shows you what they can do with porno these days. You can get every possible kink and orgy action you want. I chose this one because it shows the many special effects they can do with the same model.”

“Some of these are 3D even. If I had a 3D television I could demonstrate. Imagine tits looking like they could put your eye out looking like they were right in front of your nose!” There were agreements that that would be amazing.

“Let me skip the lame story line and go to the special effects.” I said pointing to the screen.

The menu had many different options for what you could do with the woman. There was fucking with many different positions, stripping from any number of outfits that you chose, shower scene, nude exercise from a camera angle of your choice, and even the ability to rotate the nude woman in any way you like. “Any preferences?”

“Let’s start out slow. How about the shower scene?” Uncle Harry said. I clicked on the icon and it started out with a rear shot of a woman in the shower. It was in high definition and you could see every freckle on her ass.

“At least that woman has some meat on her bones.” laughed Uncle Harry. They all nodded in agreement.

The camera angle changed to a closeup of her face.

“The ring through her lip ruins the effect. Show the rest of her!” Lori’s dad yelled.

The camera angle switched to the front in high definition and showed beautiful tits and a shaved cunt.

“What the hell!” Uncle Harry complained. “She has rings through her nipples and her clit! No metal detectors or MRIs for her.” he laughed.

“That is the style for some of the models these days” I said helpfully.

“I like it! Look at those gorgeous tits and cunt” Stephen said. There was unanimous agreement on that.

“Huge nipples too!” Steve’s dad added.

“Should I zoom in?” I said. I had much agreement to this. I zoomed in on her nipples first and then zoomed in on her cunt.

“Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on those tits and fuck that pussy silly Steve? Too late for that kind of thing now!” I tormented Steve. I couldn’t seem to get any comments from him.

“Let me show you the exercise part.” I clicked on the icon and the woman was walking on the treadmill in the nude. Those pendulums were swaying with every step. The song “Poetry in motion” came to mind.

“Make her run Rick!” Roger yelled. I changed the speed to a run and those tits were swinging wildly with each step. I showed them how I could show her in slow motion or speed it up. I then changed the camera angle and got a shot of her cunt from the rear end moving with each step.

“Holy shit is that hot!” Steve’s brother Joe said. Again agreement went through the room.

“Now for the money shot.” I went through the close up sex scenes one by one. There was a nice one with her being rammed from behind with her tits swaying with every stroke. “They even let you make the girl cum on command!”

“Fuck that slut!” Lori’s dad shouted. Wow! I thought, I would never have guessed he would get that worked up after a few drinks.

“I want to make sure I show you the best part of this interactive video, the rotating girl!” I clicked on an icon and the nude woman was slowly rotated on the screen. She kept slowly rotating in complete circles. “Watch what else I can do.” I said and rotated her onto her back and then lay her on her back in any direction I wanted. I then zoomed in on her tits and her cunt in high definition.

“Zoom in on her ass!” Uncle Harry yelled. I did and it showed her beautiful ass close up in high definition.

“Can you make her spread her legs?” Lori’s brother Brian asked.

“Not from this rotation.” I explained, “But there are lots of closeup HD pictures and video of her cunt!”

“In my day Women didn’t shave their pussy!” Uncle Harry laughed.

“You can see every detail of it this way!” someone added.

“And what a thing of beauty it is! I wonder what it would be like to fuck her with that clit ring in? Steve’s dad asked.

“Anybody ever fuck a woman with a ring throught the hood of her clit before?” I got no answers to this.

The last thing I did was set up four different windows. One with her fucking some guy cowgirl style, one with her stripping out of a number of complete sets of different outfits and lingerie, one with her rotating nude bursa üniversiteli escort on the screen, and the last one from the treadmill with boobs a bouncing.

“Isn’t it amazing how far porn has come?” The guys were all staring at the screen. I could see some tented up trousers and decided to quit there. I left it running while we got out the cards and more drinks.

The party broke up late and the guys each phoned a cab or got their wife to pick them up.

At last when it was only him and I left Steve yelled “You fucker!”

“Is that any way to talk to your best man?”

“How did you do it?” Steve asked.

“When I was over at your place looking after the cat I had my laptop with me. I knew you had a network drive and was looking for movies on it that I hadn’t seen. I found all these .txt files on it that were huge. I guessed that they were encrypted container files and I wanted to find out what was in them. I fired up VeraCrypt and tried mounting them. It asked me for a password. Remember when I worked on your computer for you? I cracked your password and tried that password now. It worked fine. I found all these pictures and HD videos of her. You must have spent ages taking all that video and pictures. I noticed that you took a lot of videos with Lori standing on a turntable. That made it easy for me to transform it into the rotating woman. I just photoshopped the models face frame by frame on it when she came around to face the camera. I had some special software to help me out.”

“Jesus Christ!” he looked shocked.

“It took me a lot of work to make that presentation! I had to rip the original Blu ray and extract the video. I then had to crop out Lori’s head in a lot of your videos. For some of the closeups I substituted closeups of the model’s face and spliced the video together. I made sure that the model I picked had long blonde hair like Lori’s. Not perfect but I don’t think anybody was comparing hairstyles! Some of the backgrounds were a problem, but thank God for the popularity of eggshell white walls! I tried my best to duplicate the original menu system and substituted your video of her on the treadmill for the exercise sequence. Nice of you to do multiple takes from different angles.” I sneered leacherously.

“By the way, when did Lori get the extra rings? I sure hope she is my ring bearer!”

When Steve could finally talk he croaked out “She got the piercings about six months ago. She and I have been doing a lot of filming using a tripod and turntable. She is actually the one that talked me into it. She finds it exciting!”

“You don’t have to worry. None of the guys who were hooting and commenting on her tits and cunt and calling her a slut can tell it was her.”

“How could you? Her father and brothers were some of the worst!”

“That was because they had no idea who it was. None of them have seen her nude before have they?”

“Of course not! At least not since she was a kid.”

“Well, I recommend that if the family goes to a nude beach she takes off those rings!” I laughed.

I was probably pushing my luck too far when I said “Too bad I had to crop out Lori’s head and splice in that closeup of the model’s face during that cowgirl sequence! You could tell by Lori’s face she was really coming. And man there was a lot of cum in her pussy in the shot right after. She made a far better porn queen than the girl on the DVD! And you were like the Energizer bunny and kept going and going and going.”

“It is a wonder how you are still alive?” he threatened.

“By the way, I am taking that disc away from you.” he said while grabbing the disc and walking outside to wait for his ride.

The Wedding Day

The wedding went well and I managed to do a pretty good job as a Best Man. After the reception I drove them to their place so they could change before I drove them to their hotel. They were leaving from there for their honeymoon the next morning.

“Make sure you drop off those rented suits back at the rental place tomorrow.” Steve told me.

I assured him I would. “I will take care of everything while you are gone.”

“Thanks Rick! I know I have been mad at you over the years but I can never stay mad at you! You were a great Best man and are a good friend.”

“I have to admit that in some cases you had a right to be mad! Sometimes I do things without thinking.”

“Oh shit! I left the gift for the Best Man in my locker at my gym. I didn’t want you finding it before today.” he cried

“When have I ever gone snooping through your stuff?” I laughed.

“Yeah right.” Let me run out and get it. I wont get another chance to get it to you karacabey escort until we get back from our honeymoon.”

“It can wait until you get back” I said.

“No that would be breaking with tradition.”

While Steve was gone Lori had left to take a shower before she changed clothes to leave for the hotel. She came out in her housecoat.

“Did I just hear Steve’s car leave?” she asked.

I told her what was going on.

“I haven’t had a chance to talk you before now. I have been so busy lately. I want to show you something.” she said.

“Sure, what is it?” I enquired.

“My new hardware.” With that she pulled open her housecoat and dropped it to the floor.

My mouth gaped open and I couldn’t stop staring.

“Do you like them?”

“Of course I do! Lori don’t do this to me! I can’t take it!”

“Do I make you nervous?”

“Yes, very much so!” She was enjoying the power she had over me and my embarrassment.”

“Haven’t you seen a nude woman before?” She asked.

“Of course I have, but not for a long time, and not one as beautiful as you!”

“That is so sweet.” she laughed as I turned red.

“Lori, why are you doing this?” she didn’t answer me.

“Are you sure you can see my rings properly from that distance? I know you are near sighted.” she whispered.

“So you did remember what went on at that strip poker game!” I was shocked.

“Of course I did! I can hold my liquor better than that!”

“Why did you fake it?” I gasped while staring at her intently.

“I know Steve very well. He would not understand if he thought I did that on purpose. Even if I told him I remembered and blamed it on the liquor there would have been a lot of awkwardness, especially if you were over.”

“Why Rick, I believe you are checking me out! Did you miss anything” she purred as she turned around to let me see better.

“No not a thing! I think I have memorized everything!” I proudly announced. Lord why did I say that?

“I caught you checking me out at the wedding too!”

“Not much to check out when I knew exactly what you looked like under that wedding dress!”

“Please Lori, put that robe on!” I pleaded.

“Why? You’ve seen everything there is to see!”

“Just close your eyes.” Good idea but I didn’t have the willpower.

“Not the first time you have seen these rings is it?” Now I was really getting nervous.

She continued. “I saw Steve smuggling in a DVD or something when he came home from the bachelor party. That got me suspicious. I went out for coffee with my brother Mark the next day and got all the details from him. I wanted to know what kind of porn they had at the party. He thought I was jealous because of the porn. He finally broke and told me what the “slut” looked like. TO SAY I WAS SHOCKED WAS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! I think he thought I was disgusted by the kind of porn they watched. Two gold nipple clips and a silver clit hood ring, what are the odds? He apologised to me again for the kind of porn that they watched. He blamed it all on you, Rick. I told him I was just yanking his chain and he bought it. I told him I wasn’t at all mad but not to tell anyone that I found out.” I was choking now and sweating heavily.

“You should be sweating!” she yelled at me.

“You are the one that convinced me not to get the tattoos. I wanted some kind of decoration to commemorate my new married life so I got these.”

“I searched the house and found the disc that Steve had hidden. I played a lot of it and saw for myself.”

“There is only one guy I know who had the technical ability to make this!” she added.

“I can promise you that there was nothing on that disc that points to you!” I squeeked.

“My father and brothers watched that with you!” she complained. I could tell from the way Mark was talking that nobody at the party recognized me, but from what I got out of Mark, there were plenty of closeups and lewd remarks.”

“If my brothers or father ever find out it was me I will die of embarassment. Now I can’t even tell my girlfriends about my new rings for fear that somehow it will get back to my family through somebody’s husband! Good thing I removed my hardware before my bridesmaids dressed me for the wedding!”

“You realize that if anybody on the male side of my family ever finds out I WILL KILL YOU!” she added.

“Too bad everyone at the bachelorette party has seen them! But that is another story” she teased.

I was still trying to figure out how everybody at the bachelorette party saw her rings, when she grabbed her housecoat and walked nude toward the bedroom to get changed while wiggling her hips provocatively. By the time Steve got back with my gift most of my composure had returned. I drove them to their hotel and we made our goodbyes. When Steve wasn’t looking she whispered in my ear. “I will eventually forgive you!”

When Steve and Lori got back from their honeymoon I made sure I was never alone with Lori. “That woman scares me!”

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